The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Styling A Mini Skirt!

Apurva LamaApurva Lama  |  May 9, 2016
The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Styling A Mini Skirt!


Whether you are a curvy girl or you’re a skinny one, a short girl or a tall one, remember that real beauty is beyond our physical appearance. Besides, every body type is beautiful in itself and ALL of us have feelings of both appreciation and discomfort about our bodies. After all, being “perfect” is a tad bit boring, don’t you think? So if you’re a girl with gorgeous generous curves, let nothing keep you from wearing that mini skirt you have your eye on! If you are a little apprehensive about wearing short minis, here are 8 fab tips on how you can work your curves and rock them minis with confidence!

1. Get the right fabric

The first and the most important thing to watch out for while buying or wearing a mini skirt is the fabric. Curvy girls should avoid fabric that is thin and clings to the body, like jersey. The ideal mini skirts for curvy girls should come in a fabric that is slightly thicker and heavier like a thick cotton-lycra blend. These kind of fabrics will not highlight any part of your body by being too clingy, and they sit comfortably on your body too!

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2. Ace the length

mini skirt if you are curvy

Never make the mistake of going too short while wearing a mini skirt. Always choose a hemline that cuts mid-thigh or slightly above your knees. This highlights the smallest part of your thighs and makes them look slender. A mini skirt which is too short cuts on your upper thighs, which is mostly the heaviest part of the legs and hence makes one look heavier.

3. Wear it with a long outer piece

A nice way to wear a mini skirt and not draw all the attention to the short length of the skirt and your thighs if you are curvy is to play with the right layers. Throw on a light outer-piece on top of your skirt and top combo. Make sure that this piece is longer than your skirt and is light and breezy…like an open kimono, which looks great and is so trendy right now!

4. Opt for an A-line mini skirt

mini skirt if you are curvy

Instead of a straight mini skirt, go for an A-line mini skirt which look great on girls who are curvy. These skirts hug your waist tight and flare out and end at mid thigh. This silhouette looks more casual than the tight fitted mini skirt and looks cute no matter what you pair it with.

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5. Do the loose:tight equation

Balance out your ensemble by always teaming a tight piece with a loose one. If you are wearing a tight mini skirt, make sure you wear a loose casual top so you don’t look too dressed up or OTT. Do the half-tuck to make you ensemble more casual and trendy.


6. Stick to deeper colours and intricate prints

mini skirt if you are curvy

When it comes to the colour and print of your skirt, it is deemed advisable to stick to darker hues and more intricate prints rather than big bold prints. Go for patterned or tiny patchwork prints rather than prints that are too loud.

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7. Say no to chunky shoes

We cannot stress enough how shoes can either make or break your ensemble. Stay away from chunky closed shoes or shoes with broad ankle straps if you’re a curvy girl wearing a mini skirt. These shoes make your legs look heavier and shorter. The same goes for gladiators…let that kingdom fall. Stay. Away!

8. Stay away from anything that is shiny

mini skirt if you are curvy

Yes, ditch the bling! A mini skirt is a statement in itself. Don’t go overboard with it by wearing it in shiny fabric or one with a lots of sequins and shimmers. If you have no choice but to wear one if you’re going to a party, then choose one with embellishment and motifs against a dark background.

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