11 Things You Will Totally Get If Your Pet Is Your Bestie!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
11 Things You Will Totally Get If Your Pet Is Your Bestie!


No matter how long you left him for and how sad that made him, there is no one in the world who will be as excited and happy as your pet when you finally reunite. Even if it’s just after a day! Your pet loves you unconditionally and is always there for you, just as you are for him! Here are a few things you will totally get if your pet is indeed your BFF!

1. You find yourself talking to your pet about all sorts of life situations!

It really is more comforting than talking to anyone else. Because you know your pet always listens to everything and gives no unnecessary (or unwanted!) advice.

pet is your best friend

2. You measure whether or not someone can be in your life for long based on how well they get along with your pet.

“You gotta befriend my dog if you want to be friends with me! Because he will hang out with us. ALL the time.”

3. You like to try out all sorts of weird things with your pet…

Like making him try on some of your jewellery, your glasses or even your clothes!

pet is your best friend

4. You don’t like throwing too many parties at home, because people are invading your pet’s personal space.

Your pet needs that couch in the living room to sleep on. Obviously.

5. His birthday is just as important as yours (if not more)!

Your pet deserves his very own cake with candles and stuff too!

pet is your best friend

6. Your wallpaper on your laptop, phone and all other devices is your pet.

Because he’s just so damn cute and you can’t get enough of that gorgeous face!

7. He’s your favourite selfie partner.

Yes, you’ve taken a million selfies together. At least, you tried very hard.

pet is your best friend

8. You always rush to his rescue when he messes stuff up to protect him from your parents’ scolding!

You HATE it when your bestie gets “time out”.

9. You know that at the end of the day just going back home to your pet will cheer you up.

Because he’s just so damn happy to see you. You can’t help but be happy too!

pet is your best friend

10. He troubles you sometimes… Picks up your shoe and runs away, chews on the TV remote, even pees sometimes on your favourite carpet!

But you’re super-quick to forgive him!

11. You love him unconditionally..

Because you know he loves you exactly the same way too!

pet is your best friend

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