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10 Things You Should NOT Wear To Work At Your First Job!

10 Things You Should NOT Wear To Work At Your First Job!

Hello ladies! It’s that time of your life when you’re stepping into adulthood. Saying goodbye to college and starting a whole new life! It’s a very important stage in your life and we want to help you nail it. You’ll start working and since it’ll be your first serious job, you won’t be sure what is adult enough to be worn to work and what isn’t. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 10 things to not wear to work when you start your first job. Time to give your closet a quick upgrade!

1. Overly Distressed Jeans

1 things to not wear to work

While distressed denims are a trendy fashion item to sport this season, wearing them to office may not be the best idea. Wearing overly distressed jeans can make you appear as a messy person who doesn’t take work seriously. And that’s really not the image you want to create at your first job! Instead, invest in quality denim that fits like second skin and will last you at least a year or two. You can still rock styles that are slightly distressed, of course, if you’re not working in the corporate field.

Try This Instead: Knee Slit Jeans (Rs 1,499)

2. Hipster Jewellery

2 things to not wear to work

No denying that bohemian jewellery looks all kind of cool, but it’s only simpler to wear jewellery that goes with every outfit you wear. This way you won’t end up wasting too much time deciding what to wear and what to accessorize it with. Invest in dainty jewellery that compliments your outfits and adds a classy appeal to your look. Minimal will never go out of style, ladies!

Try This Instead: Layered Necklace (Rs 1,249)    

3. Really Old Flats

3 things to not wear to work

You’ve been wearing your fave flats almost everyday for a large chunk of your college life, it may be time to give them a break. They wear out soon and you don’t want shabby shoes to bring down your grown up style. Ditch the really old flats you used to wear to college with cutesy block heels or gladiator flats in colours that compliment your clothes and give you a little more mature and polished look.   

Try This Instead: Black Block Heels (Rs 2,617)

4. Shorts That Are Too Short

4 things to not wear to work

There is absolutely nothing wrong in wearing shorts. What else can you possibly wear when the heat gets too much to bear, right? But there are styles that you should avoid. Steer clear from shorts that are too short and distressed. They’re cool for college and beach vacations, but not for work. For ‘Casual Friday’ kind of occasions, invest in high waisted shorts and boyfriend shorts for a more sophisticated way to beat the summer heat.

Try This Instead: Navy Blue Shorts (Rs 999)

5. Oversized Hoodies

5 things to not wear to work

Oversized hoodies are probably the most comfortable thing to wear during the winter, but definitely not the most appropriate for work. Ditch them for well fitted sweatshirts to help you look your best. You get them in SO many cute prints now!   

Try This Instead: Grey Embroidered Hoodie (Rs 1,449)

6. Flip Flops

6 things to not wear to work

Flip flops at work are a big no-no! They’re good if you want to sport the ‘straight out of bed’ look but if you wear them to work, your boss isn’t likely to be impressed. Swap them with comfortable flats that make your outfits look polished, without make that slapping noise that slippers do! They’re casual, just as comfortable and perfect for a job in the creative industry where you don’t have to wear closed shoes at all times.

Try This Instead: Metallic Flats (Rs 880)

7. College Merchandise!

7 things to not wear to work

We get that you’re done with college and probably can’t deal with the nostalgia, but please don’t wear college gear to work! You can surely wear your college sweatshirt at home or when you go for a run. You don’t want to look like you can’t move past your college life, right? Especially not at work. Instead, invest in slogan tees and team them up with basic jeans for a casual yet stylish look.

Try This Instead: Striped Cold Shoulder Top (Rs 499)

8. Childish Hair Accessories

8 things to not wear to work

You might love that quirky cat ear hairband, but it’s time to move past it. We aren’t saying don’t try quirky styles at all. They look super cute and add life to any outfit. But know how to balance quirky and classy. Look at this hairband for instance, it’s worth ditching those ears for! Plus, you can even wear it to work.

Try This Instead: Accessorize Leaf Shaped Hairband (Rs 801)

9. Pajama Pants

9 things to not wear to work

We know it was considered cool to walk into class wearing pjs, but we’re not sure what your boss might have to say about the same. We understand that comfort and style should go hand in hand, but wearing pyjama pants to work is an absolute no-no! You’re past that stage in life when you could get away with wearing pj pants! Swap them with comfortable culottes or joggers. They’re comfortable, stylish and won’t disappoint you. They’re good for a casual day at work when you have no meetings to attend.

Try This Instead: Tie Waist Denim Culottes (Rs 1,495)

10. Canvas Tote Bags

10 things to not wear to work

We understand that you love a funky, printed canvas tote that you can take to college everyday, but it may not be a great pick to carry to work everyday. It’s time to upgrade from the canvas totes to a classy handbag. If you’re not a fan of handbags, you can even opt for a simple sling bag. But give the canvas tote a miss!

Try This Instead: Brown Tote Bag (Rs 1,650)

Good luck with your job or anything else that you’ve decided to pursue!

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09 May 2017

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