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‘Didi, Pleeease!’ 13 Things EVERY Older Sister Will Get!

Being the elder one is equal times boring and fun. As much as you get to boss your little sibling around, you also have to play the responsible one’s role. If you are an older sister – these 13 things will show you just how your bond with your younger siblings is a uniquely love-hate one!

1. You are the first one to enjoy personal phones and laptops, but you HAVE to share them

Yet you’re the boss of how and when your sibling spends time on YOUR devices, and all that that poor kid can do is pout and cry about how those gadgets are “family property”.

older sister - 1

2. You ALWAYS had to beg and plead for permission, while they just get everything SO easily!

Try telling them you are the one who fought and secured all permissions from dad in the first place, and hence made their lives easier, and all they’ll do is mumble “generation gap” and shrug it off! (So ungrateful!)

older sister -2

3. You have to bribe them into NOT telling mom who you were talking to all night

And they totally know how to bargain! :/

older sister - 3

4. But then revenge always lurks around the corner, at their next mistake

“I know YOU broke that crockery… Wait till mom hears about it… MOM!!!!”

older sister - 4

5. Even though you generously give your old clothes to them, they STILL keep looking for more in your closet

Like looking for hidden treasures…

older sister- 5

6. And yet, you love to pamper them with your money sometimes!

“Here! I’ll sponsor your trip. Stop whining already!”

older sister -6

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7. AND also make them run for those odd jobs for you!

It’s a sweet, sweet barter system, after all.

older sister-7

8. You hate how your parents ask YOU to act as a role model, while your sibling has full freedom to act like a lazy, carefree monster 🙁


older sister - 8

9. But then, you get to make the rules and they get to follow them!

Life balances itself out. 🙂

older sister - 9

10. And you know they’re secretly jealous of you leading the way…

Because the first-born is always special!

older sister - 10

11. But they’ll always be your personal, attentive audience at home

Always being on Team You, adoring and agreeing to everything you say!

older sister -11

12. And they too are lucky to have a cool adult to confide in – you. 🙂

Not as strict as mom, not as silly as their BFF. Just someone who doesn’t judge, but gives the best advice.

older sister-12

13. And as you grow up, you guys realize you’re a team…

A team strong enough to take on the world!

older sister -13

GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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