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15 Fun Gifts For Your Younger Brother Who Drives You Crazy!

15 Fun Gifts For Your Younger Brother Who Drives You Crazy!

Little brothers are a thing of nightmares! They are annoying and irritating. But let’s admit it, they are also extremely cute and your partners-in-crime for everything. Here are 15 amazing gifts for your younger brother to show him how much you love him (only sometimes though)!

1. No More Wallet Worries

1 gifts for your younger brother

Every guy really holds his wallet in high regard. Gift your little brother this super cool leather wallet from Puma. Plus, it’s a steal at this given price. Definite win-win!

Price: Rs 566. Buy it here.

2. A Sleek And Elegant Belt

2 gifts for your younger brother

This belt from Vans is a perfect mix of casual and formal. With its box frame buckle, he can wear it anytime, day or night. He’ll love you for this for sure!

Price: Rs 909. Buy it here.

3. Watch It, Lil’ Bro!

3 gifts for your younger brother

Watches are style statements in themselves. This watch from Fastrack is the perfect accessory for your college-going brother!

Price: Rs 1,695. Buy it here.

4. Casual And Cool

4 gifts for your younger brother

Joggers are the most amazing way to keep cool this summer! They’re casual and look cool when worn with a plain white tee! Also, how cute is that Incredible Hulk sign on it?

Price: Rs 1,145. Buy it here.

5. ‘The Caped Crusader’ For His Laptop

5 gifts for your younger brother

Is your brother a fan of The Dark Knight? Then you can gift him this absolutely badass laptop sleeve to fuel his obsession even more! Make sure he thanks you for such an amazing present.

Price: Rs 636. Buy it here.

6. ‘Nalayak’ Hai Tu!

6 gifts for your younger brother

Younger brothers are pesky lil’ things! Make your feelings clear by gifting him this hilarious T-shirt that says ‘Nalayak’! Make sure your mom doesn’t see what you’ve gifted your little brother or you’re in for a scolding.

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

7. Keeping It Cool

7 gifts for your younger brother

These slip-ons with contrast lining are the coolest shoes we’ve seen in a while. The light blue colour of these shoes is also perfect for the summers. He can wear it to college and be the cool kid on the block.

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

8. Speakers FTW!

8 gifts for your younger brother

These speakers are just the thing your music-obsessed brother needs. On top of that, they are also pocket-friendly for you. But, if you hate his choice in music, it’ll only mean an added headache. Small price to pay for his happiness though!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

9. Personal Grooming… ‘Coz He Needs It!

9 gifts for your younger brother

Boys these days are so obsessed with their hair and beards! This Urban Pack from Ustraa, with four amazing items including a bottle of beard oil and a tube of face scrub, is going to make him so happy! He’ll probably annoy you a little less after that.

Price: Rs 972. Buy it here.

10. Cufflinks That Are Cute

10 gifts for your younger brother

Is your brother is a man-child? Then he definitely needs these funky car shaped cufflinks. It’ll speak volumes about his personality when he’s formally dressed!

Price: Rs 559. Buy it here.

11. Off To The Gym!

11 gifts for your younger brother

If your brother is obsessed with gyming, this basic kit is just made for your brother! Plus, seeing this lying around at your place might just give you the incentive to get fit, that you’ve been looking for!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

12. Fuel His Gaming Obsession

12 gifts for your younger brother

This gamepad is perfect for every brother who cannot go a day without playing his video games. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone and even Android TV.

Price: Rs 1,440. Buy it here.

13. Just Musician Things

13 gifts for your younger brother

This one is for all the musician brothers, the ones who are inseparable from their guitars, or whatever instrument they play. Plus, it’s available for almost all phone models on the website!

Price: Rs 1,000. Buy it here.

14. Foosball Fantasy

14 gifts for your younger brother

Do you want to elevate your status from elder sister to ‘The coolest elder sister in the whole world’? Then you need to give him this foosball table he can show off to his friends!

Price: Rs 1,860. Buy it here.

15. Protect His Head!

15 gifts for your younger brother

It’s summers and your brother definitely needs a cap to keep that head off his cool! What better way to do that than gift him this quirky cap from Vans?

Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

Which one are you ordering for your brother?

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Published on May 26, 2017
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