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Who Knew Wearing Pajamas Would Become A Fashion Trend One Day!!

Who Knew Wearing Pajamas Would Become A Fashion Trend One Day!!

Sooo, fashion’s latest commandment is wearing pajamas during the daytime. Rejoice, all you sleepy wanderers! This time we’ve seen the runways lit up, or rather, dimmed down…because all we could see were pajama inspired comfy trends. If you are a fan of the wide legged, button-down, no-effort-needed style, then you’ll be happy to know that the pajama dressing trend is in fact real!

pajama dressing trend

Image Source: Celinaagard on Instagram

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Now the question is, how do you wear pajamas when you’re going out during the day without looking like a really, really lazy head (unless you’re Hugh Hefner, of course)? The trick, as always, is in the details and the way you work it. If you are going for the full suit look, it automatically screams high fashion. Pair it with a pair of stellar heels to give it more structure. Designers and brands are manufacturing the classic pajama-piping inspired pieces and giving them a stylish twist.

pajama dressing trend

Image Source: Zara on Instagram

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If that scares you, then separate the two and wear them with different items. Pair the button-down night shirt with skinny pants or tuck it inside a fun skirt. Make sure that your pajama is not wrinkled – at all costs! The pajama pants are always loose fitted. Balance them out by pairing them with a tailored top and heels. These pants are very versatile and work well with almost every body type, because…come on, they’re pajamas! Throw in a waistband if you want add a little more structure to your look. Sweet day-dreams, ya’ll!

pajama dressing trend

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05 May 2016

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