The NEW POPxo App Is A Place For Girls To Talk About ANYTHING!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  Aug 11, 2016
The NEW POPxo App Is A Place For Girls To Talk About ANYTHING!

Did you know you’re still on the really old version of the POPxo app? It’s time to upgrade today!

The POPxo app is all new and you are going to love, love, LOVE It! Since you all have been such amazing readers, we have a present for you. We’ve created an amazing place for you to talk about everything you care about. Makeup, lipsticks, friends and boyfriends – on the new POPxo you can about anything and get some awesome advice. And the best part? It’s for GIRLS ONLY!

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Here are a few awesome things about the new POPxo app:

1. You can ask a question about … anything! (You can even ask things anonymously)

2. You’ll get love and appreciation for giving advice on the things you know best.

3. You can save your favourite stories, videos and images!

4. You can get awesome badges for contributing to the community! (Fancy being a Girl Boss or a Little Miss Spice? Now’s your chance!)

5. We can’t wait for you to join us and help create India’s largest community for women! ‍

Don’t believe us? Listen to what other POPxo app users say!

“It is a girls bff….from beauty fashion lifestyle all you need is here” – Krishika

“My best friend is not going to like it but POPxo has become my new BFF” – Somya

“Whenever I have a problem, I will be like ‘oh I have POPxo” – Chandini

“This app is a must for all beauty lovers .. it’s a one step solution to everything a girl will ever need …” – Jayasri

“I’m an introvert. But popxo never makes me feel lonely” – Rajakeerthana Rajendran

“I m hooked to it! Popxo u r my best BFF!!! The new version – I love it even more!” – Misha Ray

We’ve convinced you now, right? So go get the new POPxo app here.

We’d also love to hear from you about what you loved or didn’t love too much about the app. Do drop us a mail on  


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