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Royal To The Rescue: Swedish Princess Volunteers As A Medical Worker Amid COVID-19

Royal To The Rescue: Swedish Princess Volunteers As A Medical Worker Amid COVID-19

The number of active coronavirus cases across the world has crossed 14,50,00 and the fatal virus has already claimed 1,47,000 lives (according to World O Meter). Amidst the pandemic, while most of us are staying home, healthcare professionals are at the frontline, fighting the global outbreak. At a time like this, some people have stepped up to help the healthcare workforce who working day and night to save lives. Princess Sofia of Sweden is one of them. She stepped aside from royal duties and decided to swap her tiara for PPE.  

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As of now, there are 12,540 people who have been affected by COVID-19 cases and 1,333 people have already lost their lives to the deadly virus. With the number of cases rapidly increasing by the day in Sweden, the government is continuously facing criticism. Unlike the rest of Europe that imposed strict social distancing measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, Sweden is still allowing large gatherings, schools are open and restaurants are still serving the guests. Thus, the increasing number of patients in the hospitals is creating a lot of burden on the healthcare professionals.

Princess Sofia decided to take a three-day intensive online program and started working as a healthcare volunteer at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm. The Swedish Princess, who is also an Honorary Chair of Sophiahemmet since 2016, is familiar with the institution and wanted to make a contribution as a voluntary worker to relieve some workload of the healthcare professionals.

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The course conducted by Sophiahemmet Hospital is training around 80 people with non-medical backgrounds every week. These people are taking an online course that teaches support duties like working in the kitchen, cleaning and disinfecting the equipment. Princess Sofia is not directly involved in dealing with the coronavirus patients,  at the moment, she is supporting healthcare workers by carrying out the non-medical tasks.

The announcement regarding the same was made on the official Instagram page of Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip, who got married in 2015 and have two children together. Here’s what they wrote, “Last week, I went through a medical education with a major in health and care at the Sophiahemmet Hospital. Within the framework of the ’emergency response,’ I am now placed in one of the hospital’s care units where, together with other newly trained colleagues, I support and relieve the care staff with various tasks, including care of patients and cleaning. The Sophiahemmet Hospital has in turn made available its resources to the Stockholm region. About 40 employees are lent to work in intensive care at emergency hospitals.”


Staying at home is the need of the hour and while many of us are complaining about not being able to go on with our usual routines, there are others who are staying away from their families in order to fight the outbreak. In such dark times, we all have to come together and help each other and do our bit, just like Princess Sofia. After all, we are all in this together.

17 Apr 2020

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