30 ‘Sex Words’ Every Woman Should Know The Meaning Of

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Jun 11, 2019
30 ‘Sex Words’ Every Woman Should Know The Meaning Of


‘I want to have coitus with you’ – said no one ever! Get over the stringent, straightjacketed words in the Oxford English Dictionary and embrace the funk and inherent charm of slang words, especially the mischievous sexual ones. Here are a few sex slang words you should definitely add to your vocabulary.

New Words To Update Your Sex Vocabulary

Say goodbye to plain old words that spell S-E-X, for we bring you some new sex slangs that you can use while discussing about the ‘deed’. Let us warn you, some of these might leave you chuckling!

1. Boink

Nothing about the word boink suggests it as a suitable synonym for sexual intercourse. But this word, which otherwise means hitting someone, is also a popular slang used to describe the action of having sex.

2. Diddle

If the word masturbation is a bit too on-the-nose for you… By all means, feel free to diddle. *Wink*

3. Mantsy

Feeling an anxious need to have sex? You are probably a bit mantsy.

4. Vagina funeral

When a person puts you off so much, nothing he does, could possibly redeem your vagina. That’s a vagina funeral for you.

5. Sascrotch

Sascrotch is pubic hair gone awry and wild with its growth spurt. Sascrotch alludes to unkempt pubic hair which throw off a prospective sexual partner.

6. Masturwait

The time that you are waiting for your adult movie to buffer while masturbating.

7. Going to the boneyard

Heading to have sex? Yes, you are going to the boneyard alright!

8. Gazzing

The act of orgasming got a 21st-century upgrade. It’s called gazzing.

9. Postboned

All those times when you are running late for something, owing to a sexual encounter!

10. Vogueing

When you are having sex in the proximity of a mirror and you strike flattering poses, amazed at how fine you are looking. Yup, that’s called vogueing! 

11. Fling Cleaning

Fling cleaning is described as the act of cleaning up your place when you’re expecting a date in case things take a different turn. So have you indulged in some fling cleaning any recently?

12. Sporking

The act of spooning when the guy has an erection. A tad bit uncomfortable but who are we to complain?

13. Masturnap

The act of falling asleep after masturbation. Whether planned or unplanned, this is one of those sex words you wouldn’t mind using, would you?

14. Pornochhio

A person who lies about their elaborate sex life to look cooler. Now we all must have encountered some Pornochhios at some point or the other!

15. Fuckit List

Now this is simply a list of people you’d fancy sleeping with before you die. We’re talking celebrities, crushes, fictional characters, you’d know better! (*Wink*)

16. Sexorcism

The act of sleeping with someone new in order to get over someone. We’ve all felt the need to practice some sexorcism to get that impossibly fine ex out of our minds, haven’t we?

17. Tinder Glow

Now this little term is used to describe a person who looks better on Tinder than they do in real life. Been there, done that!

18. Flirtationship

When you constantly engage in flirting with a person with no intention of taking things to the next level. Now that is something that we’ve all been guilty of at some point or the other!

19. Manther

Now this is a term of male cougar! Who’s a cougar you ask? It’s when someone who’s significantly older (we’re talking 40s and 50s) goes on to seek sexual relationship with a younger partner. So do you fancy yourself a manther, ladies?

20. Ninja Sex

This a term for when you and your partner are having sex very quiety for fear of waking up your housemates! Now this is one of those sex meaning words that will definitely come in handy!

21. Road Bone

Road bone is an unwanted erection that appears during a long journey in a car, bus, or plane. Are you guilty of causing a road bone ladies?

22. Condomplate

When you and your partner are contemplating whether to use a condom or not, you are condomplating. Now this is one of those sex words that would come in handy every now and then, right?

23. Liptease

When you intentionally apply a lipstick or balm to suggestively tease your partner. Have you been guilty of any liptease recently?

24. Doppelbanger

When you have sex with someone that looks identical to you but is not related. Sounds a little far fetched but it happens, ladies!

25. Porn Moment

When you or your partner initiate sex with a move that is so utterly smooth that it could have only taken place in a porno! Now this one of those sexual words that you’d love to hear for yourself, wouldn’t you?

26. Jackintosh

Jackintosh is a term used for a computer that is exclusively used for watching porn. Do you have a separate jackintosh ladies?

27. Motting

Motting is yet another word for when your guy goes down on you. So the next time you want to make things steamy between the sheets, you know what to say!

28. Sapiosexual

You’re a sapiosexual when you get turned out by someone’s intelligence. Our tip? Stray away from using this term on your Tinder bio!

29. Screwvenir

When you take a small souvenir from your bae after the two of you have had sex. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

30. Procrasturbating

When you use masturbation as an excuse to avoid dealing with important matters, you’re procrasturbating. Now that’s a rut you wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck in!

So now that you’ve updated your sex vocabulary, go ahead and give these sex words a shot the next time you’re on a date night with bae!

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