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7 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Say No To Your Parents Sometimes

7 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Say No To Your Parents Sometimes

Most of us have had a Sharma ji ka ladka or ladki in our lives, but in the real world, no one is as ideal as Sharma ji’s children.
Since childhood, we seek our parents‘ approval. Even as a young adult, consciously or subconsciously some of us try to impress our parents through our achievements as we look up to them. The transition from childhood to adulthood is gradual and the habit of seeking and trusting a parent’s choice doesn’t disappear in seconds. In such scenario, if we reject our parents’ choice, we feel the guilt. And if you are having a hard time with it, you should know that it’s okay to disappoint your folks sometimes. It’s much better than bottling things up in your mind.
In fact, that’s exactly what POPxo’s first-ever webseries Unmarried is about. Kay is in that phase of life when her parents want her to get married to a man of their choice and she can’t find a way to say no to them. But sometimes, you have to listen to your heart and stand up for what you think is right fo you. If you are facing a similar situation, here are seven reasons it’s okay to say NO to your parents.

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1. Everyone goes through a process of disappointing their parents

I’m not saying it’s okay to do it because everybody else is. I’m just saying that all types of kids disappoint their folks. My parents wanted me to do MBA and get a corporate job with a huge salary but I wanted to write. It was perfect for me. Only I know the peace I feel everytime I get to write a good story.

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2. Our parents’ happiness is connected to ours but it’s not a ‘responsibility’.

Our words and actions affect our parents emotionally, but we can’t be responsible for their reactions. We can’t take it as a burden and start working at a job that we hate, live in a town that doesn’t challenge us or get into a committed relationship before we’re ready for it, just because we feel it will make our parents happy.

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3. Connecting our own happiness to our parents’ approval isn’t healthy and productive.

Our ideas about everything from the matters of relatives to accomplishments are poles apart. A few days prior to when I graduated from college, I won a globally recognised award and a huge cash price for my work, but my parents didn’t notice my accomplishment. I don’t blame them, they didn’t know how big the moment was for me. But if I connect my happiness to their reaction, I’ll never appreciate myself or anything I’ve done.

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4. We can disappoint our parents sometimes and still have a great bond with them.

Some of my decisions have seriously disappointed my folks. I’ve dated a wrong guy and let go off a full scholarship to Paris for him because I thought he was the man he pretended to be. I left a perfectly good career in engineering because I didn’t want to read the same things from books over and over again. I changed my religion without their consent based on my faith in God and I’m happy. I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Despite everything that I’ve done, my relationship with my parents is unaffected and protected. Our love is above our disagreements. That’s family!

5. This journey from childhood to adulthood is a rough ride and our parents know that… They’ve been there!

Been there, done that. Parents know that it’s difficult to become an adult and they too have done their share of mistakes and they’ve become stronger, so will we. Making mistakes is a part of being a young adult.

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6. Your mistakes are your teachers.

“No one teaches better than mistakes.” As humans, we all make them.

7. Generation Gap!

One gap that can only be bridged by understanding and respecting each other’s opinion is the generation gap.

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So stay true to self, stay true to the family! It’s for the best.

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POPxo’s first web series ‘Unmarried’ in association with associate partner Melange By Lifestyle, fashion partner Numero Uno, dating app partner Woo and salon partner Neu Salonz is coming soon.

29 May 2018

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