13 Lies Every *Desi* Parent Has Told Their Child!

13 Lies Every *Desi* Parent Has Told Their Child!

You’re never old enough to completely dismiss something your parents say. At least not without giving it a second thought. But they sure told us a lot of crazy things that were a little hard to believe even when we were kids. Some of these are hilarious, others will surely make you cringe. Here is a list of lies you believed as kids that will make no sense to you today!

1. If you swallow the seed, a tree will grow inside your stomach!

By that logic, the insides of our stomach would have been a rajma forest by now.

lies parents tells us 1 girl what

2. Having too much tea will give you a tan

No mom, only sitting in the sun will do that to you!

And while you’re at it, make yourself a cup of tea with Twinings English Breakfast Tea (Rs 270)

3. Abhi padai kar lo, baad main toh masti hi karni hai

We heard this in school, we heard this at University, we heard this when we started working. Dear masti, where art thou?

4. Green vegetables are yummy!

They’re healthy, but mostly not yummy. Okay? Okay.

You know what’s our version of yummy veggies? This bag of Lays wafers (Rs 65)

5. Don’t make silly faces, waise hi ban jaoge!

We all would have been living with tilted lips and squinty eyes then.

lies parents tells us 5 girl silly faces

6. People who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes are bad people

Sure! They are damaging their bodies in some way, but they’re not ‘bad’ people.

7. Your elementary grades will make your future

Heard of Oprah Winfrey? In academics as well as in her professional life, she was demoted multiple times before becoming the queen of her own media empire. So, girls, let nothing dampen that spirit of yours because there is light at the end of every tunnel!

8. Drinking milk will make you grow taller

It makes you healthy but mom, dad - growing tall only depends on genetics, right?

But it certainly keeps your bones in place when you’re 50 plus so might as well order Nestle Nourish Toned Milk (Rs 375)

9. “Beta 9 baj gaye hai, school nahi jaana?”

When it’s only 7 AM! *rolling eyes*

lies parents tells us 9 girl nap

10. When you wanted something as a kid and they’d say that the crow took it away

Hey crow, are you liking it up there, playing with our video games?

Speaking of video games, have you tried the Mitashi Gaming Console yet? (Rs 945)

11. When you ask for permission to go out and they tell you that “they’ll see”

What it actually means: “Don’t even think about it!”

12. “Santa Claus is real!”

*Lying on the bed crying*

13. “We know every time you’re lying okay?”

Parents are omniscient. They know it all!

lies parents tells us 13 girl okay

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