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Period Quotes 2021

Cramps & Cravings: 30 Period Quotes That You’ll Find Extremely Relatable

The biggest irony about being a woman who menstruates is that while it is painful when you get periods, it isn’t always a moment to rejoice when you don’t. Well, some of you know that the panic is real. But wait, getting or not getting periods is not even the most difficult thing being a menstruating woman. The worst part is all the taboo and hush-hush conversations about menstruation, menstrual blood, and even period quotes.  

Seriously, why do we need to talk about periods like we just committed a crime? It’s 2021, why can’t we talk about periods like it’s a natural process because that’s exactly what it is! Well, here’s the thing–if they can’t talk about it, it’s their problem. But for us who menstruate, periods are a part of our lives and we are gonna talk about it. In fact, we know where to begin. Here is a compilation of 30 period quotes to get the conversation started: 


Funny Period Quotes

funny period quotes



Isn’t it hilarious how some people get all awkward the very instant a mention of the word “period” is made?  Well, the idea is to pull them out of this uncomfortable state by adding all the more to their discord. Here are 15 funny period quotes that will help you with the task:

  1. “Maybe if period pain burned calories, it’d be worth it.”
  2. “I said ‘Periods are God’s way of being mean to men’ and she replied ‘Periods are God’s way of giving women a break from men’.”
  3. “Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn’t be punished for not being pregnant.” 
  4. “Menstruation. Menopause. Mental breakdowns. Notice how all women’s problems begin with men.” 
  5. “Periods help you learn how to get the blood off of things which is probably why you hear more stories of men caught with murder.”
  6. “I respect whoever allowed women into the military. Girl on period + gun = unstoppable.”
  7. “Periods. Of all things, why blood? Why can’t it be like…fairy dust or something?”
  8. “Cramps…more like angry little ninjas inside you trying to kill you.”
  9. “PMS: Prepare to Meet Satan.” — Unknown
  10. “Stressed because period is a week late, period is a week late because of stress?”
  11. “Can’t find my phone or keys, but I always manage to find the tampon that wants to magically jump out of my purse at the worst possible time.”
  12. “I threw a tampon (still in the package) into a crowd of teenage boys just to watch them scream and run in separate directions.”
  13. “Dear Spongebob, you live in Bikini Bottom and you’re super absorbent? Sincerely, you’re a tampon.”
  14. “Why don’t they put prizes in your tampon box? Like, your period sucks…here’s 50% off Ben & Jerry’s you cranky b*tch.”
  15. “Period problems: Falling asleep in white sheets and waking up on a Japanese flag.”

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Relatable Period Quotes

Relatable menstruation quotes




Share love and hate relationship with your periods? We feel ya girl! From the PMSing to pesky panty stains, there is just so much about periods that’s relatable AF for almost every menstruating woman out there. Here are some super relatable menstruation quotes to demonstrate just that: 

  1. “I mean if there was any justice in the world you wouldn’t even have to go to school during your period. You’d just stay home for five days and eat chocolate and cry.”
  2. “Leaders bleed, period.”
  3. “Stop mansplaining menstruation, we’ve got this.”
  4. “I bleed twelve weeks a year, so I know a thing or two about bloodstains.”
  5. “It is quite a big deal. It’s so extraordinary that we female humans should be linked to the moon and the tides. It’d sound like science fiction if you made it up – mysterious planetary forces making us bleed.”
  6. “So why is talking about our periods or menstrual cycles something society has made women feel like we should be embarrassed about? Why is it that when girls have to go to the bathroom on their period, we feel the need to hide our tampons?”
  7. “You should never make a decision the day before your period.”
  8. “Pretty much every female on this planet has to deal with that time of the month. You know, our monthly monster, shark week, the crimson tide, moon time, mother nature’s gift, good ‘old Aunt Flo — yes we’re talking about your period.”
  9. “Why you’re bad*ss? Because you can bleed for a week straight without dying.”
  10. “Yes, I am on my period. No, that doesn’t mean that my anger is irrational.” 
  11. “My uterus is shedding and I will not hesitate to stab you.”
  12. “Do you ever start your period and think, ‘well, that explains a lot’.”
  13. “Ow. My vagina is falling off. I’m going to die. Wow, this is dumb. There goes a pair of my cutest underwear. I’m going to kill myself. Why wasn’t I born a boy?”
  14. “No! Of course, cramps don’t hurt! It’s just my body laying a freaking egg and if it doesn’t get used, my body will just RIP down the wall inside me. No big deal.”
  15. “Boy: ‘psh! how bad can a period be? So what, you got cramps?’ Girl: ‘how about you let me stab your stomach 100 times and let you bleed out and make you walk around like everything is perfectly fine.'”

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So fam, all set to get the period conversation started with these super relatable quotes about menstruation?


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26 Mar 2021
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