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#YUCK: 19 Offensive Names Indian Men Call “Hot” Women

Ladies, there are the nice guys, and then there are the jerks who are never short of sexist nicknames and comments when they see an attractive girl going by. We give you some of the most offensive names Indian men call women – which should totally earn them one tight slap!

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1. Item

Because we love being a thing and not an actual person. No, really! We blame this on “item” numbers.


2. Pataka

To hell with words like “gorgeous”, “beautiful” and “pretty”. We’re all firecrackers, yeah.

3. L’Oréal Beauties

Yes, ’coz we really can give Sonam and Katrina a run for their money.

4. Dear/Dearie

Epic term of endearment. We are so flattered!


5. What A Beauty!

That A has to be stressed on.


6. Miss Bootiful

Are you referring to her booty or her personality? Tell us, we’re curious to know!

7. Cutie

Even worse when it’s texted to you as Qty!

8. Maal

This one is particularly awful. We don’t know whether we’re being called money or booze or drugs or what.


9. Tota

Thank you, Delhi boys, for corrupting a whole nation. We’re sure every Delhi girl has heard this at least once in her life.

10. Atom Bomb

Yep, that’s the impact you made on his heart.


11. Fresh/Mast Cheez

I guess we should have protested even as Akshay Kumar sang this to Raveena Tandon.

12. Deepika/ Priyanka/ Katrina/ Insert “hot” actress name

You’re totally right. KJo is going to cast us in his next movie. We love being thought of as wannabe actresses.


13. Baby Doll

This has been around for ages, but we blame Sunny Leone’s track for reviving the popularity of this one!

14. Phooljhari

Thanks, we know we light up your life.

15. Miss World/ Miss India

We would like to think we are being compared to Aishwarya Rai here. But we’re not sure – because not for the Miss World crown will we go up to ask them what they mean.

16. Sweetu

The Indian version of ‘sweetie’. Ugh.


17. Meri Jaan

Followed by a few lines of the latest Honey Singh song. Along with that YO YO to his name, Honey Singh is responsible for adding a ton of misery to our lives.

18. Jaaneman

How about saying this in front of my dad?


19. Fair & Lovely

That’s being sexist and racist at the same time!


GIFs source: Giphy.com, Fuck Yeah, Gifs of Bollywood

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06 May 2016

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