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Old And Out Of Fashion Styles = New Holi Wardrobe

Old And Out Of Fashion Styles = New Holi Wardrobe

It’s that time of the year, again. ‘Do me a favour’ jokes are doing the rounds and you’re looking up new bhaang recipes at work. The festival of colours is here, and you better prep up, girl. When it comes to festive fashion, don’t take Holi lightly. Sure, you wouldn’t buy anything new to wear because it’s no good after. But that does not mean you have to compromise on your Holi outfit. Not by any means. When you throw in a perfect mix of old, out-of-style clothes and creativity you end up with nothing short of magic. So, if you have a hit list of all the outdated clothes you want to get rid of, now’s the time to pull it out. Or just refer to the list below to know how you can upcycle old clothes for your festive ensemble this March. Holi look coming up in 3, 2, 1…


1. Harem Pants

1. Holi Discard

Pull those forgotten old harem pants out of your wardrobe ‘coz it’s about to get an epic send-off. Wear with a white tank or old white shirt to be Holi ready. If your Holi party is a tad bit fancy, accessorise with chunky jewellery and flip flops.

2. Peplum tops

2. Holi Discard

These are well on their way out of fashion, so it’s only correct they be out of your wardrobe. Now. Wear this style with low-waist coloured jeans like Malaika, and throw both of them out post-Holi. Two birds, one stone.

3. Bohemian Crop Tops

3. Holi Discard

The world has had too much of these flowy crop tops, I reckon. It’s time you say goodbye to these, Holi Style. Wear with old PJ shorts or wide-legged pants. A little skin show never hurt anyone.

4. High Gladiator Flats

4. Holi Discard

If these get ruined in all the colour bashing, this Holi, it wouldn’t be the WORST thing. Just saying. You can wear these with an old white tunic and a messy braid for ‘boho’ vibes.

5. T-shirt Dresses

5. Holi Discard

Baggy tee-like dresses have overstayed their welcome. It’s time to send them on their way, isn’t it? But not before you club this with some flip flops and a super cool pair of colourful earrings. Basic black tights optional. Holi worthy, no?

6. High Low Tunics & Shirts

6. Holi Discard

Your wardrobe needs to be purged of this style. Why? Because it’s been almost 2 years since it went out of fashion. Wear this at Holi with an old white salwar and Kolhapuris.

7. Mid Waist Maxi Skirts

7. Holi Discard

Remember these? If you have this style in your wardrobe, it needs to go pronto. Not without a proper goodbye, though. Club the skirt with an old short kurti and a dupatta to nail your Holi party OOTD.

Happy Holi, you guys!

26 Feb 2018

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