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These Four Cities Have Been Identified As COVID-19 Management Models To Fight The Pandemic

These Four Cities Have Been Identified As COVID-19 Management Models To Fight The Pandemic

Currently, we can cite ample data to establish that the biggest difference between the cities/states/countries that have been able to contain coronavirus and those who failed to do happens to lie in their COVID-19 management. Not climate, not season, and not even the DNA of a certain population but it is the efficient mitigation policies that make some cities way better off than the rest when it comes to the current pandemic’s status. 

In fact, as per recent studies, some of the cities and states in India with the least COVID-19 count seem to have already seen the peak of the crisis while cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and other adversely affected areas are yet to see the worst. This actually throws some light on why we need to learn from the example and take lessons from some COVID-19 management policies and mechanisms. Also, as we go ahead with lockdown relaxations in hopes of reviving our crashed economy, it becomes imperative to follow the lead of those who have persevered exceptionally well through the pandemic. 

With the same end in mind, the Centre has identified four cities in India as the possible models to take COVID-19 management inspiration from. In the past few days, meetings have been organised between Centre’s representatives and different municipal bodies across the country so as to understand the nuances of pandemic management, signposting effective and useful practices in managing a large number of positive cases and keeping the mortality rate under control. Based on these meetings, four cities have been shortlisted as the possible role models that can lead our ways with COVID-19 management. 

Among these four, Jaipur and Indore have been identified as metropolitan areas for employing innovative ways of tackling a high caseload. Both the cities have been conducting aggressive house-to-house surveys as well as contact tracing all this while. Additionally in Jaipur, limited vegetable and grocery vendors have been assigned different localities (that are closely watched by police and municipal workers to ensure regular sanitisation) so as to keep the potential super-spreaders in check. Indore, on the other hand, has been tackling the pandemic with the help of specially designated patrolling teams that have been working on a lane to lane basis. 


Chennai and Bengaluru are the other two cities signposted as the potential role models for pandemic management. They have been identified as large cities that have managed to keep their COVID-19 mortality rates relatively low. Both the cities have managed to keep their mortality rates around one percent, which is quite low than the national average of three percent. It is by judicious use of ventilators and emergency health care facilities that the two cities have managed to do the same.  

As per the latest media reports India has already made it to the list of 10 worst affected countries by the coronavirus crisis. With the country already crossing the 145k mark, it is imperative that we take notice of the coronavirus management policies as adopted by these cities. As a number of Indian cities face challenges like high mortality rates and short case-doubling time, these cities can serve as an example and can guide us in our fight against the pandemic. 

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26 May 2020

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