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8 Things You Should NEVER Do When Flirting With Your Crush!

Love is a tricky business. So is the run up to it. With flirting, it’s hard to tell where that “fine line that must not be crossed” is! The butterflies in the stomach aside, when trying to flirt with someone, there are certain absolute-clear dos and don’ts. While the prospect of a romantic affair with that special someone seems oh-so-alluring, you’ve to take each step very, very carefully. Don’t scratch your head over it – here are 8 things you should NEVER do while flirting with your crush.

1. Do Not Lie About Yourself

The key to a healthy relationship is trust and honesty. If you lie about things that don’t define you, someday or the other, he is going to find out. Thus, lying is NOT cool. Being “you” is sexy. Give him the chance to see the real you. If he really is your soulmate, he’ll stick around! flirting mistakes


2. Do Not Try To Make Him Jealous By Flirting With Other Guys

If you really want him, you’ve got to make him feel special. Believe us, he wants to feel like your priority, not an option. Flirting with other guys to get his attention will only push him further away from you! flirting mistakes

3. Do Not Get Too Touchy-Feely

As much as you’d like to be, you aren’t his girlfriend yet! Being too touchy-feely can freak him out. Don’t blame him. Anyone would get freaked out easily by someone like that! Give him space and try getting to know him better. Occasionally, while having a conversation, touch his hand when he least expects it. A sweet gesture is better than an OTT one! flirting mistakes


4. Do Not Try Too Hard

Being yourself is hot, AND it’s underrated! Dressing up all the time and cultivating a seductive voice ain’t the way to go. Intelligence, confidence and letting your personality show will get him to notice you in a different light. (Thank us later!) flirting mistakes

5. Do Not Like All His Posts On FB, Twitter & Instagram

We get that you like him, but making it evident for the whole world to see is just plain weird. Once in a while, it’s fine to like his posts, but not EVERY single time! You don’t want him to think of you as an obsessive stalker, now do you?! flirting mistakes


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6. Do Not Act Like Ms Smarty Pants ALL The Time

Intelligence is sexy, no doubt, but picking a debate all the time, taking his case or passing a snarky comment on just about everything he does or says does not really work. If he’s an easygoing guy or someone who likes a healthy debate, you might score brownie points by indulging him (and yourself) in one every once in a while. To be constantly in a state of debate – no one wants that. NO one! flirting mistakes


7. Do Not Giggle At Everything He Says

Yes, laughter breaks the ice, but not ALL the time. Constant giggling is just weird and might freak him out! Laugh in measured doses, and crack some jokes yourself. Trust us, men love a woman who has a great sense of humour. flirting mistakes

8. Do Not Use Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

“How you doin?” may have worked for Joey, but it might not be as charming when you try in real life! So, steer clear of all cheesy pick-up lines AND random romantic quotes. Instead, be original! Put your creativity to the test and pay him a compliment he’ll remember! flirting mistakes Images: Giphy, Tumblr MUST-READ: Uh-Oh! 10 Flirting Mistakes You Might Be Making MUST-READ: 10 Things Only An Unintentional Flirt Can Understand

06 May 2016
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