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10 Ways To Find Out If He’s Flirting… Or Just Being Friendly!!

10 Ways To Find Out If He’s Flirting… Or Just Being Friendly!!
If a guy likes you, he will give you subtle hints about it. But some hints are more complex than the others. It’s hard to figure out if he’s genuinely being nice or whether he secretly has a crush on you. Look out for these 10 signs to know if he’s flirting or being friendly!

1. Puts his hand around you differently from other friends

If he's flirting: His touch will just send out a little tingle in your body and his hugs lasts a wee bit longer than your other guy friends! If he's just being friendly: He gives you that very manly side hug and spoils your hair.
1 flirting or being friendly

2. Teasing without being mean

If he's flirting: If you have that one guy friend who loves to tease you but never ever even borders at being rude, get the hint, girls! If he's just being friendly: If he’s just another guy friend, he’ll tease you till you fight with him and tease him back!

3. Trying to impress you

If he's flirting: With his driving skills or even with his words of appreciation. He subtly tries to show his best side to you and wants you to acknowledge it and appreciate him too! If he's just being friendly: He just wants to show off that he’s the smarter one between the two of you. He’s trying to impress you only to make you realize what a smart friend you have! 3 flirting or being friendly

4. Behaves like he knows you

If he's flirting: He tries to behave like he knows everything about you, so it shows how close he is to you. Be it guessing your favourite colour, food or music. If he's just being friendly: He’ll always just make a random guess because he has been friends with you for sometime and has picked up on a few things. But he’ll probably not keep guessing if he gets something wrong!

5. He’s interested in exploring common interests

If he's flirting: He will want to know what sport you like, the kind of movies you’d like to watch and the kind of adventure sports you’re interested in, because if there is something in common then that’s a bonus! If he's just being friendly: He wants to know a few things about you in order to know what gifts to give you on your birthday or just know what you absolutely dislike. But he'll drag you for that movie you hate anyway. 5 flirting or being friendly

6. He gives suggestive comments

If he's flirting: He will subtly hint at how hot you look and how other guys would totally hit on you in the outfit you’re wearing. If he's just being friendly: He’ll pass off a compliment once in awhile, after you’ve made a lot of genuine effort to dress up. But he’ll tell you in the most non-sexual way.

7. Jokes about sex/sexual stuff

If he's flirting: He will probably crack a corny joke (and totally blush while he does it) or just totally change the topic when it comes to jokes about sex. If he's just being friendly: Sexual jokes between you two aren’t about you both, but are very generic, comfortable to crack and totally funny!
7 flirting or being friendly

8. He asks you out just like that

If he's flirting: He wants to ask you out properly but hasn’t gathered the courage to do so. But he still wants to keep meeting you...again and again. So he casually hints at meeting you for coffee and even offers to pick and drop you! If he's just being friendly:  He will directly give you a call and tell you to meet him at your hangout place because he’s bored and wants to just ‘chill’!

9. He makes fun of the other guys you like

If he's flirting: He doesn’t want you to like other guys, but he can’t say that to you, you know? So he makes fun of how silly they are...just because! If he’s subtly making fun of the guys you’re crushing on, get the hint, ladies! If he's just being friendly: He will make fun of your crushes and tell you that all your other crushes are just not up to the standards he thinks you deserve. No filter there! 9 flirting or being friendly

10. Compliments you for small things

If he's flirting: If he compliments you for the little things and notices you on the day you got a haircut or styled it differently, rest assured, he probably has a major crush on you!
If he's just being friendly: Guys are usually clueless about these things, but he might just, on some special occasion, tell you that your hair looks better in a pony than when it's open. But it’s still very rare, girls! GIFs: Tumblr