The Fishnet Trend Has Made A Comeback… Would You Dare?

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Dec 8, 2017
The Fishnet Trend Has Made A Comeback… Would You Dare?


Alright, ladies, this is not a drill! The fishnet has made a comeback in many forms and styles. Street Style aficionados have especially warmed up to this bold new fashion trend. This sultry piece of clothing has stepped up from being a supportive hosiery to the standout detail of an ensemble styled around it. Could it be because of its appearances on the runway with designers like Jeremy Scott, Nina Ricci, and Lanvin, perhaps?

Or could a certain Ms Swift have something to do with catapulting the trend into mainstream popularity? After all, her hugely popular music video, Look What You Made Me Do featured this fishnet look:

Internal fishnet

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Whatever the reason, our favourite fashionistas back home definitely got this new fashion memo! From subtle leggings peeks to fishnet tops, check out Plixxo bloggers Riya Jain, Aakriti Rana Gill and Natasha Shrotri style the trend in their own versions.


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Even though we haven’t warmed up to the idea of wearing fishnet tops yet, there still are many ways you can style this cool 90s trend this winter. We have picked some of our favourite fishnet looks for you to try on!

1. As Regular Tights

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Fishnets are a great companion to your winter wardrobes. They offer the much-needed cover up to exposed skin, on occasions when you just have to wear that cute skirt! Replace you solid leggings with a pair of close-knit fishnet tights for a grungy chic look.

Get yourself a wintery fishnet with these soft net tights. Available for Rs 1,411, buy it here.

2. As Fishnet Socks

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Earlier this year we showed you how to style socks with heels, an addition of subtly detailed socks to your stilettos can emphasize the dainty details even further. This look has been taken further with the fishnet trend, with the netted socks being paired with casual sneakers and dressy heels alike.

Pair your sneakers and heel alike with these chic fishnet socks. Available for Rs 500, buy it here.

3. With Ripped Jeans

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The look with fishnet details peeking out of your ripped jeans is all the rage right now. Usually styled with a crop top to show off the waistband of the leggings, this 2017 defining style has become synonymous with sophisticated street style grunge.

Get the look with these Jonathan Aston large scale fishnet tights for Rs 650, buy it here.

4. With Winter Layers

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Layering up for winters? Tease just hint of skin through all those layers by adding this fine fishnet detail to your muted toned ensemble. Maybe even try lampshading with a pair of smart thigh high boots?

Get the small panelled fishnet look with this elastic waist pantyhose for Rs 2,524. Buy it here