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7 Fashion Myths That EVERY Curvy Girl Should Ignore!

7 Fashion Myths That EVERY Curvy Girl Should Ignore!

All you beautiful curvaceous girls out there – you know you’re winners!  You’ve been gifted with ample assets, which most girls out there wish for! So it’s high time you stop believing these silly myths that revolve around how you should dress and go forward and conquer any trend that you want to try! We’ve listed a few of these myths that need to be ignored right away!

Embrace your body and flaunt it like you love it!

Myth 1: Avoid Anything That Is Body Hugging!

Picking slightly thick fabrics that are well-fitted will not only let you show off those curves you’ve got, but they also have a slimming effect overall. In fact, wearing oversized clothes make you look bulkier, unless that’s the trend you’re trying! Even with knits, pick something that is body-fitted instead of anything that is two sizes bigger. So, yes, let’s get some sexy shapewear if you’d like and wear them tight clothes right!

Myth 2: Stay Away From Horizontal Stripes!

fashion myths for curvy girls

This is one of biggest myths in the fashion world. It is thought to make you look wider, but really this only applies to interior design space, where horizontal stripes give you an illusion of increase in width – but the same doesn’t apply when it comes to fashion! In fact, horizontal stripes worn in the right manner highlight your curves more and look amazing! The real deal is how you style these horizontal stripes items. Throw in some accessories, a blazer, a flouncy skirt when you’re picking up striped clothes, and you’ll look as good as ever!


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Myth 3: Black Is Your Best Friend!

Why did we ever believe this? In this colorful world, do not restrict yourself to dark hues just because someone said that it makes you look tinier. Sure, black does make things look small, but you don’t have to pick a black dress every time you’ve to go for a date! Try a red or an orange instead, and see the magic it creates! It’s really about the way you style your outfit and, of course, your confidence!

Myth 4: Peplums And Skater Dresses Are A No-No!

fashion myths for curvy girls

For that matter, anything with gathers around the waist – that’s what they say. But ever thought how amazingly the peplum top will highlight your waist, which is pretty much the smallest part of the human body? And also, skater dresses with all those gathers look soooo good! Don’t stay away from these styles, which were actually created to accentuate your body lines!

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Myth 5: Stilettos Are Reserved For Thin People!

Punch anyone who says this to you – heels are for each and every girl who wants to wear them! What they commonly believe is that because heels elongate your lower body, they make the upper body look bigger. But in reality, heels slim your legs down and make you look taller and sleeker. Wear them with dresses, pants and ethnic wear – just walk in style and everyone is going to forget the rest.

Myth 6: Printed Pants And Skirts Are Not For You!

fashion myths for curvy girls

Patterns on pants and skirts that have pleats seem like something you’d avoid anyway because of all those voices ringing in your head about how they make you look bigger. But hey! Being well-rounded is a treasure, how can you not show it to the world? Pick lowers in patterns and solid colors of your choice, but style them cleverly!

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Myth 7: Maxi Dresses Will Only Make You Look Bigger!

Maxi dresses are the most comfortable kind of dresses a girl can wear in both summers and winters – so why should you not? They say it makes you looks shorter and all that fabric on you will add more bulk. But really, if you pick wisely, they can look super pretty and add so much glamour to your dazzling personality. Go get one now!

Ladies, don’t worry so much about what you don’t have, but instead enjoy what you do. These myths mean nothing and you must break these fashion rules as often as you can – it’ll not only feel good, you’ll look also look like a superstar!

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05 May 2016

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