Fashion Meets Fitness: Get In Shape For The Mini Skirt!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 6, 2016


It’s the season of short sleeves and shorter hemlines, and you bet we’ll be wearing skirts day in and day out throughout this one! If you plan on doing the same, follow these steps to make sure your legs look just perfect for the mini skirts that are crying out to be worn!

I. Work It Out 

There is no escaping this! If you thought we were going to point you towards a cheat sheet, we’re sorry to disappoint. You HAVE to put in some work to get your legs into perfect shape. We do give you some options to choose from, though – aren’t we awesome?!

1. Walk whenever you can

Take out some time to walk every day in your daily schedule. It could be just walking to the metro station instead of taking an auto, or a quick walk around the park during your lunch break – you will definitely feel the difference. Most of us have lifestyles that don’t really involve any physical activity, so this will be a good change for the long run as well.

2. Exercise some!

We know this isn’t something you can easily add to your routine, but we assure you the results will be worth it! Take out about 30 minutes every alternate day to begin with and do some calf-toning exercises.

(Cheat: If this seems completely impossible to take out time for, just ditch the lift for running up the stairs! It’s great exercise for your thighs and calves, but the results might take a bit longer to show.)

3. Try yoga

If an intense workout session is just not your cup of tea, try yoga! These yoga poses make you work the muscles in all the right places while also being very relaxing and energizing. A great option for early risers!

II. Care For Your Skin

Yes, toned legs are super-important when it comes to rocking those minis, but you don’t want your look ruined by beauty issues such as dry skin, do you?

1. Get rid of the fuzz

get in shape for the short skirt 3

Everyone has their own favourite methods for this. If waxing is your go-to, that’s great! Book an appointment if you haven’t already. There’s an obvious advantage to this in the summer as it help remove tan (to an extent, of course). Shaving is the other most popular method since it’s super-convenient and quick. Our only advice is to be very regular depending on your growth as a stubble really won’t go with that sexy mini skirt you’ve been dying to wear. Laser is another option. This will require quite a bit of planning, time and money, though, so keep in mind that this is a solution for the long term.

2. Get your skin satin-soft

get in shape for the short skirt

While most of us pay an insane amount of attention to our face, the rest of our body tends to get ignored. Make a serious resolution to stop doing that! Exfoliate your legs at least twice a week. It’ll only add a maximum of 5 minutes to your shower time, but make your legs look absolutely radiant (never thought that’s the way you would describe you legs, right?). Moisturize every day diligently and don’t forget to use sunscreen when you head out in shorts or skirts!

Bonus: Slather on a bit of baby oil just before you head out to party for an amazing shine! It’s moisturizing without being greasy – total win!

3. Don’t forget your feet!

get in shape for the short skirt 2

Now, it goes without saying that you can’t really rock the mini in the summers with boots that protect and hide your feet. That’s why we can’t emphasize the importance of regular pedicures and paying attention to your feet – you can’t slip into those cute sandals and rock them with cracked heels, after all. We’re not asking you to go to a salon and spend a bomb every week – you can just as easily do it at home!

III. Pick The Right Skirt!

Your legs might be all ready for the mini now, but have you figured out which one suits you best? Here’s how to find the right skirt for your shape!

1. If you have broad thighs

get in shape for the short skirt 5

If you are heavy on the hips and thighs then you should opt for skirts that are high-waisted and not too snug. This will emphasize your waist and add the illusion of length to your legs, making your thighs look slimmer. Try this Box Pleat High-Waisted Skirt (Rs 1,495).

2. If you have slim thighs

get in shape for the short skirt 1

If your thighs are thin compared to the rest of your body, skirts that add volume are the best. Choose a mini that has many pleats or just a lot of flare. We love this Striped Pleated Skirt (Rs 1,129).

3. If you’re a (lucky!) hour-glass shaped girl

get in shape for the short skirt 6

If you have curvy hips and toned thighs, pretty much every mini skirt will look great on you! A straight fit mini, or even a bodycon one, would be the best option to flaunt your curves in. We are totally crushing on this Floral Fluted Skirt (Rs 1,500).

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Go get started!

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