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More Than Just A Holiday: 15+ Dussehra Celebration Ideas For 2021!

More Than Just A Holiday: 15+ Dussehra Celebration Ideas For 2021!

I clearly remember celebrating Dussehra as a child. We would collect money to buy craft material and make ‘Ravana’ with newspapers, cardboard and lots of colours. Trust me, it was the most magnificent memory of my childhood. Watching the three gigantic effigies of evil Rakshasas being burnt was a vision I’ll never forget! This year, the festival will fall on 15th October and if you’re wondering how to celebrate Dussehra then you’ve come to the right place. Well, there are different ways to celebrate the festival and spread the message of good over evil. So without further ado, here’s your guide to Dussehra celebrations and Dussehra celebration ideas!

How To Celebrate Dussehra

how to celebrate dussehra
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Be it doing ‘Garba’ in Ahmedabad, pandal-hopping in West Bengal, witnessing spectacular Ram-Leelas in Varanasi, or enjoying tasty delicacies in Kerala, Dussehra is a celebration of good over evil. Devotees from all over India celebrate the big day in their own special and grand ways! Scroll down for some of the most famous Dussehra celebration ideas.


Dussehra in Kolkata is known as Vijaya Dashami. The festival marks the final day of Durga Puja when the Goddess Durga and her four children are taken away to the river for immersion. Out of multiple rituals, the most famous one is where married women offer vermillion and sweets to Goddess Durga and smear each other with the vermillion. Also, the deities are taken out in a great procession and carried to Hooghly (Ganga) river!


Rajasthan’s Kota is known for its huge Dussehra Mela. On the festival day, a lot of religious functions are held in the royal palace and the king and the other members of the royal family travel in a beautiful colourful procession to the ground where the fair is held. The municipality of Kota organizes an amazing cultural program too where you can browse through sample local cuisine and local handicrafts!


On the festival of Dussehra, Kullu town is immersed in festive cheer and a great fair is held at the Dhalpur Maidan. You can enjoy all the cultural programs and shop for locally made handicrafts, especially the famous shawls and caps. It’s best to book in advance for accommodation as the Kullu Dussehra brings a great number of dedicated visitors from home and abroad. The deities come in their own camp and palanquins in the Maidan of Dhalpur. 


Dussehra is literally the most popular festival of Mysore. The best part is where you witness an illuminated Mysore palace that looks like a fairyland at night. Goddess Durga is placed in a beautiful golden howdah atop a decorated great elephant. When the goddess is worshipped by the royal family and the procession is carried out, it consists of musical and dance performances, decorated elephants, giant puppets, horses, grand tableaus, and more. A parade is also held in the evening and a huge fair is held at the exhibition where sports and events are organized during the 10-day festival!


The national capital witnesses a grand affair with Ram-Leelas, fireworks and elaborate pandals on the festival of Dussehra.

Dussehra Celebration Ideas

Scroll down for some unique and amazing Dussehra celebration ideas to enjoy the festival with family and friends! Are you ready?

Saraswati Pujan with Kids

Through this, your kids can learn to value their books and all the good things they get to learn from them. Saraswati puja takes place by placing the books on a clean Chowki or Chaurang followed by offering flowers, lighting Diya or essence sticks, Haldi-kumkum, and rice!

Story Telling

Though the festival celebrations are muted this year due to the pandemic, you can still organize a storytelling session by inviting your kid’s friends, relatives, and neighbours and narrate the story behind the festival. After all, festivals are for being together and spending time with your loved ones!

Rangoli Making

Make a beautiful Rangoli outside your house and invite the positive vibes to come through. Remember to make it environment-friendly by opting for flowers and organic colours.

For The Sweet Tooth

So what if you cannot step out of your house due to the pandemic? You can always bring the celebrations home! Prepare your favourite delicacies, get ready in beautiful outfits, and don’t forget to click selfies!

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Did you like our curation of Dussehra celebration ideas? Well, now is the time when you can learn, educate, and celebrate the festival with your loved ones! Happy Dussehra!

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09 Aug 2021

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