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9 Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Ideas To Commemorate The Birth Anniversary Of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2, and it marks the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day, prayer services, commemorative ceremonies are held at various places across India to remember Gandhiji and his immense contribution during India’s freedom struggle against British colonial rule. Gandhiji was a staunch believer of non-violence and truthfulness. Globally, 2nd October is also celebrated as the International Day Of Non-Violence. Gandhi Jayanti celebration may not be possible outdoors this year due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything special at home!

There are various activities you can plan with your kids to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti at home. Scroll down for some Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas that you’ll like!

Virtual Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Ideas

Have you been wondering how to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti virtually? We have listed down a few ideas! From playing a quiz based on Mahatma Gandhi, to watching a documentary on Gandhiji’s life, you’re going to love these virtual Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas!

Watch A Movie On Mahatma Gandhi’s Life

Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas
IMDb – Watch A Movie On Mahatma Gandhi’s Life -Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas

Numerous films have been made on Gandhiji’s life and his principles. Watching a documentary or a film based on Gandhiji is a great and entertaining way to revisit history and learn about his vast contribution to India’s freedom struggle. Richard Attenborough’s Oscar-winning film, Gandhi (1982), Mahatma: Life Of Gandhi (1968), The Making Of Mahatma (1996) are some movies you can watch with your kids. Besides films, you can also read books or essays about Gandhiji.

Play A Quiz Based On Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for kids
Pixabay – Play A Quiz Based On Mahatma Gandhi

Another good idea for a virtual Gandhi Jayanti celebration is by playing a quiz game on Gandhiji’s life. You can connect with your family members (or students) over a video call and play a quiz. One person can ask the questions, and the rest of them can participate by answering.

Gandhi Ashram Virtual Tour

Gandhi Ashram Virtual Tour - gandhi jayanti celebration ideas
Unsplash – Gandhi Ashram Virtual Tour – Gandhi jayanti celebration

Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram is located on the banks of river Sabarmati in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Amid the pandemic, it may not be possible to travel to Ahmedabad, but you can still take a virtual tour to Gandhi Ashram. You can find the virtual tour easily on the Internet, and it will take you through various sites on the Ashram such as Hriday Kunj (Gandhiji’s home at the Sabarmati Ashram), Magan Niwas, Gandhi Memorial Museum and more. It’s an easy way to get a glimpse of Gandhiji’s life and the principles that he followed. This is one of the best Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for kids!

Social Media Post

Social Media Post - Virtual Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas
Instagram – Social Media Post Ways to celebrate gandhi jayanti

Another way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti virtually is by writing something on Mahatma Gandhi and his principles that are relevant even today! Write a short note in your own words, or post a short poem on your social media and share your thoughts on Gandhi Jayanti with your followers! 

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Ideas For Kids/ School

Usually, on Gandhi Jayanti, schools organize events, speeches, poster-making competitions, and so on. However, a lot of schools are still shut amid the pandemic. Thankfully, a lot of virtual activities can be conducted by the school to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Scroll down for some Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for kids that can be arranged by the schools.

Poster Making/Slogan Writing Competition

Poster Making - Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for school
Instagram – Poster Making – Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for kids

On Gandhi Jayanti, you can organize a poster-making or a slogan writing competition. You can allot certain themes based on Gandhiji’s principles for poster-making competition. This lets the kids bring their creativity to the forefront while also learning more about Gandhiji’s ideologies and the Gandhian way of living. This Gandhi Jayanti celebration activity can easily be conducted virtually!

Speech Competition

Organize Speech Competition - Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for school

Gandhiji was known to be a great orator and his speeches that roused the nation to stand up against the British power are proof of that fact. When he spoke, the country listened and rallied behind him. To commemorate Gandhi Jayanti, a speech competition among peers can be a great way to celebrate the day. Participants can pick and chose from a treasure of Mahatma Gandhi stories to prepare speeches on, or just recite his iconic speeches themselves. The event can be held remotely on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform of choice, making it a fun and engaging activity for Gandhi Jayanti celebration. 

Introduce Kids To The Charkha

Introduce Kids To The Charkha

The ‘charkha’ or the spinning wheel is an equipment used to spin thread or yarn from fibers. It became a symbol of revolution and self-reliance after Gandhiji initiated the Swadeshi movement by encouraging Indians to weave their own clothes using the charkha. It became a major source of livelihood and created financial liberty for the citizens. Introducing students to the charkha and mentioning its significance can help them understand its importance during the Indian National Movement. You can also educate the students about Khadi fabrics, and locally made goods and items. 

Dress Up Like Mahatma Gandhi

Dress Up Like Mahatma Gandhi - gandhi jayanti celebration ideas
Pixabay – Dress Up Like Mahatma Gandhi -Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas

Gandhiji led a simple life, and his simplicity was also visible in the way he dressed. As part of Gandhi Jayanti celebration, students can also dress up like Mahatma Gandhi! It’s really easy to recreate, and replicas of the attire aren’t very hard to find. A lot of fun things can be done to make the activity more interesting. It can be organized as a look-alike competition or an event where participants can enact Gandhiji’s speeches. 

Essay Writing Competition

Essay Writing Competition - gandhi jayanti celebration ideas
Pixabay – Essay Writing Competition

We have all grown up reading about the Father of our nation in history textbooks or learning about him through TV and other mediums. So much so that the stories of Mahatma Gandhi leading the Indian freedom struggle are permanently etched into our memories. We can all probably write long paragraphs about the things we have learned and how they have shaped our aspirations to be a better human.

Therefore, an essay writing competition that provides participants with a platform to share their own thoughts or moments of inspiration would be a great way to honour Gandhiji. The theme of those essays can vary but the general idea should be to enable people to draw inspiration from Gandhi’s life and inculcate morals and values that enable them to be model citizens of the nation. 

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Gandhi Jayanti is only a few weeks away. Now that you know about these Gandhi Jayanti celebration ideas for kids, organize fun events virtually, and make the most of the national holiday!

Featured Image: Freepik

16 Sep 2021

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