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Teej Celebration Ideas That’ll Help You Enjoy The Festivities Even More!

Teej Celebration Ideas That’ll Help You Enjoy The Festivities Even More!

A festival that falls in the most propitious month of Sawan, Teej celebrations are always fun. While it’s Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Jharkhand that see celebrations on a grand scale, other states too take part in their own ways. So if you’re looking for Teej celebration ideas, you’ve landed on the right page.

Teej is celebrated to revere the heavenly association of Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva by performing rituals, fasting and setting up saawan ke jhoole. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive and help you plan the perfect festive day!

How to Celebrate Teej?

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Teej celebration is not just about fasting and colourful attires, it’s much more than that. Here’s your guide on how to celebrate Teej.

  • Fasting – An important part of Teej celebration is to observe a fast for 24 hours to receive blessings and peace in your marital life and in the life of your children.
  • Worshipping Goddess Parvati – Lord Shiva commended that Devi Parvati should be worshipped on Teej and hence women decorate and offer ornaments to the deity for marital bliss.
  • Lighting a Lamp – An oil lamp is lit for the entire night as per a traditional ritual.
  • Shringara – Married women receive Shringara, a gift pack that includes all items and clothes for women to adorn and dress like a bride, similar to karwachauth.
  • Teej Swings – As part of the tradition, devotees decorate swings and then celebrate by singing traditional Teej songs.
  • Scrumptious delicacies – You can prepare festive foods related to Teej like ghevar, mirchi vada, samosas, dal baati, shahi pulao, malpua and kheer.

Unique Teej Celebration Ideas

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Looking for unique Teej celebration ideas? Just scroll ahead!

Virtual Party

Celebrating Teej virtually with your friends and family can be an option during the pandemic. All your relative can join online in festive outfits and have a fun time together.

Host Katha

This can be a better idea for your friends who love to celebrate Teej traditionally. You can organize a katha session at your place followed by breaking the fast together when the moon comes up.

Foodie Matters

How can a list of Teej celebration ideas be complete without delicious food?! Prepare traditional dishes and feast on them with your family and friends.

Teej Decoration Ideas

When it comes to Teej decoration ideas, the festival is all about monsoon and greenery, so you can make it a green celebration. Here are the best Teej decoration ideas for you to try this year.


You can use different and unique danglers available in the market or can make one by yourself. You can tie together glass bangles or even make danglers out of different seasonal flowers.

Colourful Curtains

You can either directly hire event organizers to provide you with this type of decoration or go to your local market and have a happy time finding colourful curtains that’ll make the perfect backdrop for photos.

Swing It!

How can we miss the swing when it comes to Teej decoration ideas? The centre of attraction can be your swing that is decorated with leaves and flowers or other traditional ornaments. You can also deck up your swing with mirch lights!

Best Teej Wishes– Why stop on Teej celebration ideas when you can send some beautiful Teej wishes to your friends and family.

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Hope you enjoyed these Teej celebration ideas!

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10 Aug 2021

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