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#RealGirlStyle: 10 Hot Dresses To Work Those Curves

If you’ve been blessed with a curvy figure, wearing dresses can be a bit tricky for you – most people seem to not take into consideration the fact that not every one is super-skinny! But the industry does have a lot offer for every body type now, and here is a list of dresses that would help you flaunt your curves in the best way possible!

1. Eavan Black And White Printed Fit And Flare Dress

dresses for curvy girls 1



Fit and flare dresses should be your staple. They emphasize the right parts and skim over all the others. We love this one since its a classic color combination and really easy to repeat.


Price: Rs 1,079. Buy it here.

2. Shirred Chiffon Dress

dresses for curvy girls 2


If you’re not very fond of belts, this dress is the one for you! The cloth belt is barely noticeable and does the job just as well as any other. There is also the added advantage of not having to keep track of it.

Price: Rs 1,379. Buy it here.


3. Chapel Road Ikat Dress

dresses for curvy girls 3

Don’t be scared of trying out different hemlines! Asymmetric hems will do wonders for your look. These dresses are great for highlighting the legs, especially if you’re a bit vertically challenged. Perfect for a day out with your friends!


Price: Rs 2,500. Buy it here.

4. Avirate Black Peplum Dress

dresses for curvy girls 4


Peplums are a great option for when you want a dress to hug all your curves but skim over the waist bit. We’ve all had those days and this dress will be your saviour! Its black and great for workplaces. How can anyone go wrong with that?

Price: Rs 4,000. Buy it here.


5. Abstract Print Shift Dress

dresses for curvy girls 5

If you’re not happy with your arm muscle tone, you probably want to avoid things like cap sleeves. They’ll just make your arms stand out more. Opt for dresses with slightly longer sleeves for a more flattering look.


Price: Rs 1,379. Buy it here.

6. Uber Chic Shirt Dress

dresses for curvy girls 6


You don’t have to ditch the dress when you have to go for a meeting or a formal event of any kind. Get the formal look with this shirt dress that also accentuates your waistline and has a very appropriate sleeve length. If you’re uncomfortable with the length of the dress, you can always pair it up with a pair of leggings.

Price: Rs 1,700. Buy it here.


7. Zara Nude Pink Dress

dresses for curvy girls 7

Date night will never be difficult to get ready for if you have this one in your closet! Guaranteed to make you look very enticing, this lace dress is a definite must.


Price: Rs 3,900. Buy it here.

8. Stylista Original Orange Summer Days Dress

dresses for curvy girls 8


Knee length dresses are appropriate for all sorts of occasions and this orange one will make you look very vibrant and elegant. Excellent choice for days when dancing is involved.

Price: Rs 2,360. Buy it here.


9. Summer Loving Kaftan

dresses for curvy girls 9

Experiment with flared sleeves and at the same time be spring ready and maintain a sophisticated look with this printed dress. The print is very chic and you’ll love the freedom to move you get in this silhouette.


Price: Rs 1,475. Buy it here.

10. Whimsical Garden Maxi Dress

dresses for curvy girls 10


Can’t do without maxi dresses? This one will make you feel like it was made for you! It’s perfect for you weekend plans and very comfortable for being out and about all day. While the sleeves are full length, they are sheer and loose so you won’t feel too constricted.

Price: Rs 1,669. Buy it here.


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06 May 2016
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