4 FAB Ways To Repeat The Same Dress (But Look Different!)

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
4 FAB Ways To Repeat The Same Dress (But Look Different!)


We all have that one favorite dress that we want to wear all the time. And with these awesome styling hacks, you can wear that winter dress in four different but amazing ways! Now revamp the same dress to suit different occasions – and try this with other dresses too!

Difficulty Level: As easy as making Maggi.

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1. Going To College

What you need: Sweatshirt, a pair of sneakers, a backpack

Wear the sweatshirt on top of the dress and fold the sleeves into two folds at the wrist and match them with a pair of sneakers and carry a backpack to complete the look. You want to always be well turned-out in college!

2. Lunch Date

What you need: A long blazer, some statement jewellery, a sling bag

Lunch date outfits have to look effortless and classy. So here we show you how to pair your dress with a long crisp blazer and some statement jewellery. Don’t forget to add a charm bracelet and some rings along with a sling bag to finish it well!

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3. The Event

What you need: A skirt, statement earrings, a clutch

Team your dress with a black midi skirt and finish the look with some big statement earrings. Carry a clutch for all those essentials that you might need. Touch up the makeup, and stand out in the crowd easily!

4. The Chic Party Do

What you need: A cape-sleeved jacket, earrings, midi rings, a clutch and heels

After a tiring day, when it’s finally time to go for a party, take out a cape-sleeved jacket and wear that on top of the dress. Get matching earrings and midi rings to add to the outfit. Carry an edgy clutch and end with a nice pair of heels. You’re ready to roll!

There you are, one dress – and four looks that are so distinctly different and so stylish!

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