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Netizens React To Class 10 Board Exams Being Cancelled & Their Tweets Have Us In Splits

Netizens React To Class 10 Board Exams Being Cancelled & Their Tweets Have Us In Splits

The global pandemic has affected our lives quite drastically. While we all are coping with it in our own way and pace, some of us have it harder than others. Case in point: students, who have been unable to attend classes.

While a lot of universities and schools had reopened recently, the surging COVID-19 cases led them to shut down once again. To make matters worse, the upcoming CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) class 10 board examinations have been cancelled, and class 12 board exams postponed. Seriously, if we thought that working from the comfort of our homes was difficult, then we cannot imagine the state of confusion amongst school kids RN.

Obviously, while some students are breathing a sigh of relief, some are understandably more stressed due to the unpredictability of the situation. However, given the current condition of the country, we cannot say that we didn’t see this coming. Right now, decision-makers are trying to figure out ways to promote class 10 students and give some clarity to class 12 students. And of course, amid all the chaos, netizens have taken it upon themselves to flood social media with hilarious memes and tweets. NGL, these memes may be the only comforting thing for those students right now.

Here are some reactions that capture the pulse of the nation perfectly.

Class 12 Students Be Like…

Several class 12 students are expressing their frustration and concern as they no longer know what their future holds. Here’s what they’re saying.

No One’s Happier Than The Backbenchers

Some students are celebrating as they no longer have to bear the pressure of board examinations. TBH, with so much going on, it makes a lot of sense that the students’ safety has been prioritised.

Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!

While there are students who are rejoicing, there are also the ones who are not satisfied with the decision. They are probably the students who have worked hard, are completely prepared, and do not wish to stress themselves any further. Honestly, we get you, students, we really do!

Who’s More Jobless Now?

Other Boards’ Students

While students studying under the CBSE board have mixed reactions to the cancellation of their exams, students studying under different boards are still scared.

Well, we hope that these decisions will turn out in the favour of the students. Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Feature Image: Twitter

14 Apr 2021

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