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20 *Fabulous* Bridal Lehenga Trends Of 2018 That We Would LOVE To See More In 2019!

20 *Fabulous* Bridal Lehenga Trends Of 2018 That We Would LOVE To See More In 2019!

Just like every other year, 2018 has been a crazy one for bridal fashion! We saw so many new trends doing the rounds in the bridal market, it’s amazing! Any of you who got married this year or is about to will be able to understand the mammoth bridal trends doing the rounds this season. And if you spend as much time as any other millennial, you surely know each and every trend of 2018 and can’t help but want to wear them on your own wedding day. But we figured that you might have a little bit of a tough time keeping track of all of them, so we took a step back and scrounged through all the pretty bridal lehenga trends of 2018 that we REALLY wish to see more of in 2019.

Here are 20 beautiful bridal lehenga trends of 2018 that you should consider in 2019.

1. A Belt On A Lehenga = Super Sexy

Image: Instagram

Yes, this is our first pick for this year too because we’re just so in love with it! Come on, we can’t ignore the class that this style exudes. Not just is this bridal lehenga trend really elegant to look at, but it’s also very practical! Helps your dupatta stay in place and we know how big a relief that is! We do want to see more brides opting for such gorgeous bridal lehengas in 2019 too!

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2. Grey matter

Image: Instagram

Grey is usually not considered a very festive colour, but many beautiful brides, including the very pretty actress Sagarika Ghatge, proved that this notion is so not true! Grey looks extremely elegant and is just the right colour for you if you are someone who doesn’t want to go OTT with her bridal lehenga. And it’s easier for your groom to coordinate his clothes with your bridal lehenga when you wear such a subtle colour, just saying!

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3. Pastels, please

Image: Instagram

How could we not bring pastel coloured bridal lehengas with us to the new year?! They’re pure elegance woven into a fabric. Just the right choice for the girl who doesn’t want to overwhelm with her bridal lehenga.

4. Florals, florals

Image: Instagram

Oooh, flowers, flowers and more flowers! Every wedding is incomplete without them, so why not incorporate these pretty trinkets in your bridal lehenga too? We saw quite some floral lehengas on brides this past year, and we’re surely waiting to see a lot more of them! A floral bridal lehenga instantly infuses so much light in ones look.

5. Red with blush pink is gorgeous AF

Image: Instagram

Another huge bridal lehenga trend that was doing the rounds in 2017-18 was of a bright coloured lehenga with a toned down shade of dupatta. Our favourite was the combination of red and blush pink and we would love to see more such bridal lehenga designs in the next year.

6. Brocade for the win

Image: Instagram

Yes, yes the picture is very cute! But what makes it even cuter is the coordinated brocade outfits that the doggo and his mama are wearing! This stunning bride chose a beautiful multicoloured brocade wedding lehenga for herself and we’re so hoping more brides would opt for brocade silk bridal lehenga in the coming year.

7. More love story bridal lehengas, please!

Image: Instagram

Yes, we saw some really pretty love story lehengas last year. Kresha Bajaj had done it for the first time in 2016 when she designed her bridal lehenga with her love story embroidered on it. And then she went on to design one for her friend Samantha Prabhu’s wedding too, and my, did it look stunning! We really want to see more of such gorgeous lehengas in the future.

8. All red everything

Image: Instagram

If you thought the modern Indian bride was done with red, then Priyanka Chopra proved all of you wrong with her all red wedding outfit that made her look like a modern-day princess with Nick looking like a prince. To keep the outfit completely monotone, the lehenga even had red self-work embroidery. It was the simplicity of the outfit that made it so very special and beautiful.

9. Who said white isn’t bridal enough?

Image: Instagram

For the longest time, brides have been shying away from white but now it is time they fully embrace the colour for what it stands for – elegance and class. We agree that wearing a white lehenga may be too extreme on your wedding day and all the aunties will have mini heart attacks, so why not wear it on your engagement or cocktail night?

10. Silver is back and how!

Image: Instagram

Isha Ambani’s wedding looks left us swooning and how! But the one lehenga that stood out of all was her custom made sangeet lehenga in pink with silver work all over. It’s been a while since we saw this work on a bride and we’re thankful to Isha for bringing it back.

11. Feathers all around

Image: Instagram

The 2018 brides were big on feathers and we loved it. Who knew adding feathers to a lehenga could elevate it so much. This is a trend we hope to see more of in 2019. And let’s not forget that feathers add such a refreshing twist to even the simplest of lehengas!

12. Panelled panache

Image: Instagram

We love, love, love this bride’s panelled lehenga. Why we love this panelled lehenga and the idea so much – you can take panels from the shaadi ka lehenga of your mother and include them in your own bridal lehenga. This can make your outfit even more special for you and you’ll always have a piece of your mother close to your heart.

13. Cape sleeves

Image: Instagram

If we’re thankful for one bridal trend of last year, it is undoubtedly cape sleeves. With a single move, these cape sleeves have eliminated the need for those heavy dupattas that are such a task to carry throughout the function. Plus, they add a contemporary twist to your lehenga making it perfect for even functions like the cocktail.

14. Tassels All Around

Image: Instagram

This bride has done everything right – from the necklace to the makeup, to the outfit colour. But, for us, what really steals the show is that gorgeous blouse. With crystal tassels all over, this lehenga is totally worth being bookmarked by every bride and should be definitely taken into 2019. Plus, the dupatta seems to be attached to the shoulder leaving her to move around freely and dance her heart out on her special night.

15. Ruffled duppatas

Image: Instagram

Another trend that was really big in the second half of 2018 was the ruffled dupatta that brides started carrying on their big day. A ruffled dupatta can elevate even the simplest of lehengas and add such an old world-ish charm to your outfit. It may be a task to carry but it is a small price to pay for all the guests ooh-ing and aah-ing over your OOTD.

16. Unique colours are all the rage

Image: Instagram

Yeah, we know we already mentioned we wanted to see more of grey bridal lehengas, but apart from grey, we’d love to see brides donning other unique colours like royal blue, teal green, yellow, among others on their D-day! That would make for some really cool bridal lehenga goals, wouldn’t they?

17. Does this lehenga ring a bell?

Image: Instagram

We’re absolute suckers for lehengas with little details that make it stand out from the rest and make you look gorgeous. Just like this bride’s lehenga with a blouse that has beautiful bell sleeves. The high-low sleeves are adding such a twist to the already off-beat lehenga and we can’t help but save it for future use.

18. Off-Shoulder is in!

Image: Instagram

If you’ve got it, you may as well flaunt it and that’s the mantra 2018 brides lived by. They weren’t afraid of some tasteful skin show by way of deep necks and off-shoulders. This bride combined both the trends – off-shoulders and deep necks beautifully.

19. Work, work, work

Image: Instagram

It’s your big day and you can choose whatever outfit you feel represents you the most – whether it is minimal or all work. This bride chose a heavily embroidered maroon lehenga and while she accessorised it with equally heavy jewellery, none of it looked tacky or OTT and we totally love that.

20. Trail for days

Image: Instagram

Priyanka Chopra’s looooong trail made all of us want one for ourselves too! And that’s what this bride did. She got herself a beautiful trail to compliment her regal lehenga. 2019 brides, take notes!

We took our pick of the bridal lehenga trends we loved in 2018 that we want to see more of in 2019. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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