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30 *Stunning* Bridal Blouse Designs To Glam Up Your Wedding Outfit!

30 *Stunning* Bridal Blouse Designs To Glam Up Your Wedding Outfit!

Are you the ‘shaadi karungi toh Manish Malhotra wale lehenge mein hi karungi’ bride? Or are you the bride who swears by small designers and the good ol’ Chandni chowk lanes? Well, whichever category you belong to, once your dream lehenga is set, the other thing that becomes the most important is your lehenga blouse design. If you want to look stunning in all the peeche kamar wala shots and those twirling pictures too, then you should really check these lehenga blouses out!

1. When you don’t want to show too much skin but give your back an elegant appeal, the slit totally comes in handy. Works wonders if you want to give your lehenga a modern twist.

2. Sheer is perfect when you want to look sexy yet keep the mystery alive! A net blouse back with beautiful embroidery and buttons will look fab with your engagement lehenga.

3. Working out lately? Then you’ve got to show it off, girl! We absolutely love this bold inverted ‘U’ design by Anita Dongre. You need to have at least one like this in your trousseau. Keep the sleeves long to balance out the look.

A post shared by Anita Dongre (@anitadongre) on

4. ‘V’ shaped backs are great when you want to give yourself a slimmer look. Deep ‘V’s give your back an elongated and attractive look while also hiding any love handles that you may not want to show!

5. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple design. It can make almost any outfit look extremely sophisticated. So if there’s an outfit you just can’t seem to figure out the blouse for, try this and we bet it’ll look gorgeous!

6. This is so pretty and delicate! Ditch the regular blouse back and opt for a gorgeous lace cut-out. A back like this looks extremely flattering and will go well with your sarees, lehengas and even the wedding outfit.

7. One can never go wrong with the classic round back. It’s the one design we see often and also the one that goes with most outfits. You could add latkans for a more ethnic look or just leave it as it is. The round back will always work wonders!

8. Trust Anita Dongre to give us all the inspiration when it comes to bridal fashion. For the bride who does not want to show too much skin, here’s a blouse design we love. Deep neck with a delicate dori and short sleeves, it’s perfect for the summers!

A post shared by Anita Dongre (@anitadongre) on

Yes, the blouse design looks gorgeous. But isn’t her hair jewellery stunning too? If you love hair accessories, here’s a gorgeous gold-toned comb on Amazon for just Rs 250!

9. Marilyn was right about diamonds being a girl’s best friend! And if you too are obsessed with diamonds, why not incorporate them in your blouse design. The diamond cut back design of this blouse shows that Manish Malhotra knows how to design clothes that flatter a woman’s body!

10. The master is at work again! Manish Malhotra stuns us with this gorgeous leaf shaped blouse back. Although this is a gown, you can easily get a blouse back designed in the same cut, and rest assured, you will look gorgeous!

11. Simple and elegant, here’s a bridal blouse design you can never go wrong with. We know you want something more dramatic for your big day, but considering your lehenga will be extremely heavy, it’s better to opt for a classic ‘U’ blouse back to avoid looking OTT. Add to it some statement latkans and you’re good to go.

In love with the stunning royal blue lehenga? Buy a similar one on Amazon for Rs 3,690.

12. It’s your wedding, woman! And you’re allowed to get as crazy and creative as you want. For the bride who loves her doris and latkans, this is just perfect! For your mehndi or sangeet night, we swear you should bookmark this one! We love it!

A post shared by Studio 149 Fashion (@studio149) on

13. Button down blouses are a major rage nowadays, but you don’t have to stick to the basics. Again, get creative just like this bride did and get some customizations done to the basic design. This way, you can get a bit of a sassy look, without having to expose much!

A post shared by Studio 149 Fashion (@studio149) on

Gold-toned mathapattis can never go out of fashion and this pretty bride proved just that! Buy this pretty one from Amazon for just Rs 750!

14. We personally love this design a lot! This is again a bit different from button down blouses, but falls in the same family of design. It has hoops that look oh-so-cute! The thing with this kind of blouses is that you have to get a side zip so you slip them on without any hassles.

A post shared by Studio 149 Fashion (@studio149) on

15. What is a blouse without some dori magic, and if it looks like this, then what else can somebody ask for! This overlapping design is so unique and gorgeous! And that single dori exudes such a subtle charm! Just wow!

16. Let the hotness metre soar with a sheer back blouse pattern. You know this design offers dual benefits - it is sexy AF, but at the same time covers your back quite well too! Great for when you want to feel like a supermodel! An ideal choice for the bride who wants to give her bridal outfit an edge from the rest.

17. Quirky yet cute! We’re loving those pom-poms that line the cut of the blouse back and the doris to go with it. If you’re wearing a simple outfit, then a blouse like this is all you need to add some drama to your look.

A post shared by NVY studio (@nvystudio) on

18. This design proves that simplicity will never go out of fashion! You can achieve this look by mixing and matching colours, various kinds of embellishments and embroideries among others. Perfect for when you want to customize according to your taste!

19. We just can’t get over how pretty this gorgeous blouse with an inverted tear-drop cut and a bow closure is! It’s so different from the usual designs that we see. Perfect for the patakha bride, no kidding!

A post shared by PeachCut Designs (@peachcut) on

20. Sheer is sexy, and we know it! But when it comes with this amazing cape styling, and super pretty embellishments, is becomes all the more gorgeous!

21. This is our absolute favourite lehenga blouse design because what’s not to love?! The classic cut out design, and a cute bow equals this pretty masterpiece!

21 lehenga blouse designs

If you love the colour of the lehenga as much as you love the blouse design, then you can buy a similar baby pink coloured lehenga on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop for Rs 48,900.

22. Ditch the ‘typical’ blouse back for this deep, low-cut, U-neckline that will make your back look super sexy. You can get this blouse stitched with any of your function outfits. In fact, you can even try this style for a kurti. Just moisturize your back with some glittery body lotion to make it look extra hot.

A post shared by Arpita Mehta (@arpita__mehta) on

23. Instead of tying your blouse with just one string on top, tie both the ends with strings and add a few tassels to them. It looks kinda sexy and draws all the attention to your back. You should totally try this style for your saree or lehenga. And if you have a tattoo to flaunt, you’ve got to try this one. Show this to your tailor, now!

A post shared by Anita Dongre (@anitadongre) on

24. A peephole cutout back is a super interesting style to try out as it’s not too bold but bares quite a bit. In a design like this, we suggest you keep the length of your sleeves either half or three-quarters and add interesting latkans to the strings.

A post shared by KUNZA (@kunzaofficial) on

25. When we talk about a sexy back - this is the one. An absolutely unique and unexpected back design that has a structured feel to it. And unlike the other designs, this one actually stands out. Add some body chains and heavy duty accessories to bring the best out of this style.

Buy this gorgeous body chain from Amazon for just Rs 585 and rock this chic style!

26. While you’ve probably taken the plunge to get married, why not go all the way and opt for a blouse with a plunging neckline too? *Wink* This style will highlight your collarbone and make that necklace stand out in the best way possible. The betel leaf curve gives quite an edge to this design.

27. This sheer back blouse is the hot new trend to try out right now. It feels like you’ve not worn anything when you actually have. This fabric looks great when there’s some shimmer or sequins on it.

28. A great V-neck blouse is hard to find and harder to pull off. Let this one be your stencil to getting that V-neck blouse you’ve always wanted to flaunt. Add some tassels around the waist - that’s going to make it look even better and oh-so-stylish!

29. We bet you would have never thought of getting something like this designed for you wedding day. If you’re a bold bride-to-be who likes to experiment and isn’t afraid of trying a naughty neckline, just get this one tailormade already.

A post shared by Anju Modi (@anjumodi) on

30. Because you can never go wrong with a tube blouse! Opt for a heavy brocade fabric or one that matches your lehenga and get a tube blouse made. It works well for summer or day functions and would be ideal for your Mehndi. If you’re conscious of showing too much skin, just wear a cape over it!

A post shared by Payal Singhal (@payalsinghal) on

Now that you have a huuuge list of lehenga blouse designs to choose from, there are a few other things you need to know before you get your lehenga blouse stitched. Here they are...

Your wedding lehenga or saree is the most important outfit, and it can be nothing short of PERFECT. You plan your look for months, and go from store to store searching for ‘The One’! And, girls, what you must remember is that the awesome lehenga is incomplete if your blouse is not on point. Having the perfect lehenga with a not-so-great blouse can be quite a buzzkill. So, we give you a list of mistakes you must avoid making when getting your blouse stitched.

1. The length of the sleeves

The length of your sleeves can make all the difference to your look for the wedding. While 3/4th length or elbow-length sleeves look formal, wearing that sort of a blouse with lots of bangles is a no-no. The blouse, bangles, plus the mehendi is just going to make your arms look very cluttered.

2. No embroidery under your arms please

This is a very common mistake made by most of us! When you’re getting your lehenga blouse stitched, brief the tailor that there should be no embroidery under your arms. It’s going to get really messy once your start to sweat. Trust us, you don’t want that itch when you’re walking down the aisle.

3. Too many tassels is a no-no!

If you’re wearing a heavy duty necklace that has tassels and you also have a dori at the back of your blouse, just snip the extra tassel hanging from your blouse. Imagine three-four doris hanging at the back, all in different shapes and sizes. Umm, not a pretty sight, we say!

4. Avoid sequins with lighter fabrics

If you’re wearing a chiffon or a crepe saree or dupatta, make sure you’re not wearing a blouse filled with sequins or embroidery. The heavy work on the blouse will pull the threads from your saree and spoil it. Opt for a chanderi, brocade or even a kanjeevaram blouse instead. It’ll give you that glamour, without being poky or causing any damage.

5. No front-open blouses, please!

A front-open blouse is a bad decision, ladies. No matter what you wear, a lehenga or a saree, the fastenings in front are bound to show. And you don’t want that, do you? Go for the front-open option only if you’re wearing a jacket style/ blazer style blouse.

6. Chuck the buttons

Opt for a zipper instead of buttons on your blouse, and have it stitched on one the side. It looks neat, doesn’t pop open even if you’ve eaten too much, and doesn’t get stuck anywhere. Easy, peasy, isn’t it?

7. Don’t try too hard and match everything

While you may want to match your blouse with one element from your ensemble, matching it with everything isn’t a good idea. Have an element of contrast in your blouse. It could be in the form of embroidery, just the border of your blouse or even the tassels. Make the blouse break the colour and look of the outfit, girls.

We loved this contrasting lehenga we saw on Jabong! It's just perfect for a daytime mehendi ceremony and is available for JUST Rs 6,835!

8. High neck and jewellery? Nah!

If you want to be the edgy bride and wear a high-neck/ high-collar blouse on your wedding day, please give the necklace a miss. Too much of anything looks bad, and if you’re going to wear jewellery on an embroidered high-neck blouse, it’s not going to work. Let some skin show, it gives a break from the bling!

9. Padded blouse fittings

A padded blouse mostly gives great shape to your breasts, but only when the pads are well placed. Make sure the positioning of the pads is right, and they are the right thickness. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Ensure this before you get it stitched!

And for when you were just being lazy and couldn't get your blouse stitched in time OR it came out wrong for some reason (God forbid!), then you can just get this pre-stitched blouse in your size from Amazon for Rs 1,299!

Now that you know EVERYTHING you should know about your bridal blouse, make sure you get the design on point. Okay?

Published on Dec 6, 2017
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