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Bridal Lehenga Basics: *Everything* To Know About Can Can

Bridal Lehenga Basics: *Everything* To Know About Can Can
If you’ve regularly been going for your wedding shopping, chances are that you’ve often heard designers and shopkeepers use the term can can lehenga. You may have an idea, but you’re still not quite sure about what exactly that is. And when you’re looking for a bridal lehenga, it’s essential you know your basics right.

So what Really Is Can Can?

You’ve all always wondered how to add volume to your lehenga. And can can does just that. It is used to add flare to your lehenga. While increasing the number of kalis is one way to have a lot of ghera, it does makes the outfit heavier and kalis increase the cost as well. Plus you still don’t get that Disney princess-like flare!
Can can is a mesh-like material that can be attached underneath your lehenga to give it the desired amount of flare. The best part is that you can keep adding layers or remove some based on your preferences!   Internal 1 how to add volume to your lehenga

Are There Different Types?

Absolutely! There are essentially 2 types. One is the hard mesh, which, as the name suggests is extremely stiff and just one layer is enough to give a lot of volume. The second one is the soft net that is more commonly used. You need a couple of layers to give your lehenga the desired amount of volume. But do remember, more the layers, the heavier your lehenga becomes.

Adding Can Can To Your Lehenga

Now that’s a personal choice. We suggest that you go with the soft net since hard mesh can be difficult to store. You can’t really fold the lehenga! Also, apart from having it stitched under your lehenga, you can even opt for a can can skirt/ petticoat! So the lehenga remains as it is and you can just add the fluffed petticoat for the wedding day. Internal 2 how to add volume to your lehenga

Some Things You Need To Know:

1. The amount of can can you need also depends on your lehenga fabric. Stiff fabrics like raw silk will need lesser layers than a velvet lehenga. 2. Do remember that more volume can make you look broad, especially if you have a curvy body. The trick is to preferably start the layering from the knee and below. Or you could even start it at the thighs. Just avoid too much volume around your hips. 3. Let us warn you that your can can will stick out once you sit in case you’ve added too many layers! Just remember to pull down the top layer of your lehenga to avoid it showing in pictures. 4. Before you make that grand bridal entry, have a friend fluff up the bottom edges of the can can. It may flatten out a bit if you’ve been waiting for long, so all she has to do is hold it from the bottom, turn it upward, fluff it a bit all around and that's it! 5. Don’t fold your lehenga, at least until the time you’ve worn it at your wedding. It’s better to hang it, as folding can crush the can can and spoil the overall effect. Now, do you feel more confident about discussing your lehenga with the designer?!
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