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Make-Up Gurus *Reveal* That One Beauty Trend That’ll Rule The Roost In 2018!

Make-Up Gurus *Reveal* That One Beauty Trend That’ll Rule The Roost In 2018!

The one thing that a bride cares about most, is her wedding day make-up. In the constant tussle between what to pick and what to ditch, brides are often left confused, with not just their outfit but make-up too. And to put a fullstop to your wedding beauty woes, we caught hold of the best make-up gurus to reveal that one bridal beauty trend that’s going to be huge this year. Read on to find out what they said…

Chandni Singh: Glittery eyes


A post shared by Chandni Singh (@chandnisinghstudio) on Dec 16, 2017 at 10:06pm PST

“Glitter makes your eyes pop instantly and is going to be the biggest trend this season. The iridescent particles add a gorgeous pop to the eyes. Just a little bit can make your eyes look simple yet LIT! You can even add more to keep the glamour quotient high. Smaller and bigger glitter size do make a huge difference, so choose wisely.”

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Mallika Bhat: Shimmer metallic eyeliners

Mallika Bhat

“Metallic liners are versatile and add just the right amount of sparkle and brightness to the eyes. It complements the most heavily embellished Indian designer wear and is versatile enough to suit even the brightest of bridal lip colors. It adds the correct amount of glamour without making the make-up look too gaudy or loud.”

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Rehat Brar: Coloured metallic eyes

Rehat Brar

“Since most brides are doing away with the typical red, pink and orange outfits, and are experimenting with other colours, I’m hoping to do and see a lot more coloured metallic eyes. Your eyes can look mesmerizing especially if you opt for a ‘no kaja’l look. Doing away with Kajal can create magic. I think more and more Indian brides are finally beginning to take note of that.”

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Prerna Khullar: Less is more

Prerna Khullar

“The ‘less is more’ look should be a trending tagline this year! With so many make-up artists in our country now, we have immense versatility when it comes to make-up. And concerning the work I am doing these days, there is a lot of variety I provide to my clientele. The less is more look is most favoured by brides these days and gets us the maximum response.”

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Pooja Sonik: Indian bridal, but in a classier way

Pooja Sonik

“I personally think a clean make-up look should be the go-to trend this season. Not too much drama with hairstyling. Or dramatically drawn eyes or over glossing of the face. One can play with the floral styling but that too in a limit. Nude looks are back but doesn’t work on all faces. One should go back to the traditional approach of our Indian bridal look but in a classier way.”

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Jasmeet Kapany: Dark eyes 

“We saw a lot of colour on the lips in the last few years; reds, pinks and corals to name a few. The focus now is shifting towards eye make-up. Smokey eyes, glitter and thick liner will definitely take the spotlight this year.”

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10 Jan 2018

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