Beach, Bae & Bikini: Here's The *Perfect* Packing Checklist For Your Beach Honeymoon!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  Dec 17, 2017
Beach, Bae & Bikini: Here's The *Perfect* Packing Checklist For Your Beach Honeymoon!


Before you can ride the waves on your dream beach, you’ll experience the whirlwind of the actual wedding! We suggest you don’t leave your beach honeymoon packing for the last minute and be organized well in advance. When making a honeymoon packing checklist, don’t forget the following essentials in order to live out all your vacay goals, with your freshly minted husband in tow.

1. Plenty of swimwear options

Makes perfect sense to carry multiple options on your honeymoon if your primary agenda is beach bumming! Try to invest in different types of swimsuits – one piece, tankini, bikini, and others, so that you have a variety of styles to sashay in before your beau.

2. Sunblock

2 honeymoon packing checklist

Don’t assume you’ll buy this over there. Carry it from here as you never know what brand or type is available locally. And NEVER forget to use it. You don’t want to be sunburnt on your own honeymoon, do you now?

3. Razor

Hey sister, we all know how fast those pesky little hair grow back. Carry a razor to make sure you’re super clean throughout the honeymoon. Or you should always have the good ol’ veet to your rescue! You want your honeymoon to be a ‘smooth’ one, don’t you?

4. Artificial jewellery

It honestly doesn’t make sense to wear your real jewellery on the beach. In fact, we recommend leaving your engagement ring at home. You don’t want to lose it in the sea or the pool. Carry some funky fashion jewellery instead that’ll help amp up your look too. Besides resort wear looks so much better with fashion rather than precious jewellery.

5. Sunglasses

5 honeymoon packing checklist

It would be a colossal mistake to leave these behind, no? Carry multiple pairs and slay at the beach! You want really kickass honeymoon pictures or not!?

6. Cover-ups/Sarongs

You’re going to be lounging around the resort pool and beach an awful lot. The most useful thing to carry is a nice cover-up for when you are not in the water. You just can’t do a beach honeymoon right without these! Just can’t… Here are some cute dresses you can carry on your beach honeymoon to slay it like a pro!

7. Different types of shoes

Don’t forget the flip-flops for the beach specifically, but also carry a pair of heels for that awesome date night. Carry another pair of comfortable shoes in case you go sightseeing.

8. Lingerie

1 honeymoon packing checklist

Need we elaborate on this?

9. Sleepwear

You think that sleepwear is hardly a priority but with all those tiring days behind you, you’re going to be happy to have your favourite nightie or pyjama set.

10. Regular clothes

Think shorts and tank tops, think pretty dresses, think jumpsuits, and whatever else your heart desires. You don’t need to be conservatively dressed at your own honeymoon so go wild! In short, don’t forget to pack your clothes. LOL.

11. Hair products

4 honeymoon packing checklist

Carry your own shampoo and conditioner – travel sized bottles preferably; carry an anti-frizz cream, carry a hair serum/styling cream, and a dry shampoo. Do carry a hair styling tool too!

12. Make-up

You don’t want to be carrying all the make-up you own but definitely the basics. (Concealer, blush, kajal, lipstick, eyeliner, etc). You can create some fun looks when you and bae go out for those lovely sundowner cocktails! Don’t forget beach holiday staples like a good bronzer.

13. Light Jacket

Even though you are going to a beach honeymoon destination, airports and lounges are always super cold. Besides, some beaches have super strong winds so you might need it there too. There are some other fashion essentials that you just NEED for your beach honeymoon. You can read about them here.

14. Medicine Kit

6 honeymoon packing checklist

This one is very important so please don’t forget it. Carry a pouch with all your go-to medicines. You don’t want to fall sick while travelling or not be able to find your meds in a different country. Also carry basic things like cotton and Band-Aids – you know, just in case. We also suggest you carry an insect repellent if you’ve chosen an offbeat resort or one that is close to nature.  

15. Camera(s)

You may want to carry your gopro (waterproof camera to shoot underwater) and your polaroid camera, your digital camera and/or your DSLR. Don’t forget all the chargers and memory cards please! You absolutely don’t want to miss out on capturing your precious honeymoon memories.

16. Phone Chargers

MUST NOT FORGET PHONE CHARGER. Also carry a convertible plug as some countries have that two pin/three pin problem! You can’t be without your phone on your honeymoon, what about all those cutesy selfies!!!

17. Documents

3 honeymoon packing checklist

This is honestly the most important part of travelling anywhere, not just for your honeymoon, but otherwise too! Don’t forget your airline tickets plus extra print outs. Don’t forget your passport, visa, driver’s license and keep multiple photocopies of these. Print out the hotel booking confirmation and carry that too. Carry your marriage certificate or if you don’t have one yet, then proof of marriage. That’s the wedding card and a photograph – some destinations need to confirm if you are a married couple; especially if you are availing a honeymoon package deal. Be super cautious with all your documents and don’t forget them anywhere! You will have a super smooth honeymoon experience if you have all these in place.

18. Money + Cards

Distribute your money amongst your bags and don’t keep it all in one place. It just makes better sense. Carry your credit/debit cards that are universally accepted. It doesn’t hurt to have some extra money – you wouldn’t want to run out of money while on your dream honeymoon!

All set for your dream beach honeymoon then?!

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