Fit & FAB: Are You Wearing The RIGHT Training Bra And Shoes?

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Fit & FAB: Are You Wearing The RIGHT Training Bra And Shoes?


The gear you choose to wear during your workouts has a huge impact on the overall quality of your exercise regime. From the shoes you buy to the bra you wear, there are lots of details to think about! While looking good while you work out is definitely a confidence booster, safety and injury risks should be high priority too. Choosing a pair of running shoes while you train, or vice-versa, is a big no-no. And, girls, please take your selection of bras seriously! We want fit and toned calves and abs, but not at the cost of our boobs, right?

Here are a few different kinds of workouts and the ideal gear for them…

1. The Yogi In You

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A light support bra is a good option for a gentle activity like yoga, which doesn’t necessarily involve lots of high impact moves or jumps. What you should think about is ease of movement. Yoga pants need to allow you room to bend, stretch and pose. We suggest a wide waistband as it pulls in your tummy. Your top should be comfortable, and given that you will be doing lots of bends, stay away from super loose styles as they will constantly bunch up. Shoes are not really required, but non-slip socks are worth investing in.

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2. Get, Set, RUN!

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For when you’re going running, you need something that provides proper support to your boobs. A bra with padding, medium support and adjustable straps is ideal. A good test is to try on the sports bra and jump up and down. If your boobs are visibly in motion, you need more support.

Running pants should provide you with enough ventilation, but also absorb that sweat you break into while running. Once again, a wide waistband is essential as it won’t cut into your midsection.

The right running shoe is critical as choosing the wrong pair can cause injuries or blisters. They must have the right cushioning to absorb shock as your foot hits the ground. They need to be flexible and light and be designed for forward motion. Go for a good quality pair to save your feet any pain and allow your running to be more effective!

To finish off, choose a tank top that is especially designed for running, maybe with a ruching detail in a bright colour to keep you chic and all set on your road to fitness.

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3. Train Like You Mean It

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If you love hitting the gym, then your gear should be designed for different kinds of workouts, especially if you are like us – cycling one day and doing HIIT the next. When choosing the right sports bra for such activities, having adequate support is obviously a must. Choose a medium or high support bra depending on your workout. It is also worthwhile bending forward to see if the top stays put and is not too deep.

Your gym shoes must be built to withstand multi-directional movements. Running shoes are designed to support only forward motion and therefore should not be used in the gym. Opt for a cross-trainer – they are designed keeping multiple activities in mind. Definitely try them with training socks to ensure the perfect fit before buying. Do some stretches, a few jumps, etc., so that you can be assured of a comfy feel when you hit the gym.

Looking good in the gym is super important – choose contrasting colours, interesting details and most of all a comfortable fit so that you are confident and not self-conscious!

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4. All Day, All Night

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If you’re not engaging in any particular activity and just want something to wear while lounging around all day, then your workout gear is actually ideal. We’ve all wished for that perfect pair of track pants and top combo that we could wear just anywhere all the time! Just because you’re not actually working out doesn’t mean you’re not looking for comfort or lightweight clothing. Think cute details, fun colours and relaxed fit – perfect for chilling out, just about anywhere. “Athleisure” at its finest!

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