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7 Apps To Make Your Long Distance Relationship A Little Easier… And Romantic!

7 Apps To Make Your Long Distance Relationship A Little Easier… And Romantic!

If you have ever been in a long distance relationship then you’ll know that it isn’t child’s play and it sucks when all you want is to be with bae! We know there’s no feeling like having your love by your side but something is better than nothing, and at such times you find respite in technology. So read on to know about 7 amazing apps every long-distance couple should have to stay connected!

1. The all-time fave – ‘Skype!’

1 apps every long distance

We all love talking to our boyfriends endlessly and video calling is just what we need to fill in the gaps and be together even when we are far from each other. Skype is one of the easiest and simple apps to use which will keep you connected with your love. You’re probably thinking why Skype since you have WhatsApp, but let’s just say some days you want to see them on a big screen, with some popcorn and Pepsi to go!

Available on iOS and Android

Send him this entire set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S DVDs (Rs 9478) and buy yourself a copy, so that the date night never ever ends!

2. Snap away all the distance – ‘Snapchat’

2 apps every long distance

For all those times when you cannot arrange a webcam date, you can send quick snaps to bae; the cute filters make it better! And more fun. Also, this is a great and safe way of sending those naughty pictures because they get deleted after a 10 flat seconds.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Get cozy virtually- ‘Couple’

3 apps every long distance

This is another amazing app that helps long-distance couples connect virtually. Apart from the usual chatting and video messaging options, it has some amazing features like thumbkiss and mood sharing. You can also save your messages and special moments safely. Excited to try it?

Available on iOS and Android

Is he out shopping for groceries, well, add a little naughty ( Rs 124) something to the list then!

4. Get all mushy – ‘Touchnote’

4 apps every long distance

If you’re the mushy kinda couple, then this app helps you keep that feeling alive by sending actual personalized postcards to your partner. You just need to select an image from your photo gallery, add a message and your partner’s address and the app will print a postcard and send it to your partner. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Available on iOS and Android

5. For clear video calling – ‘Google Duo’

5 apps every long distance

This probably comes pre-installed on all the latest android phones but if you still don’t have it, then you are missing out on some extremely good quality video calling with bae. It gives you the best video calling experience. Even if you are in a low network zone, it will not disconnect your call but simply convert it into a voice call. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Available on iOS and Android

Is his birthday around the corner? Gift him a phone (Rs 13,990) he’s been eyeing but hasn’t bought yet.

6. Knock knock with ‘LokLok’

6 apps every long distance

This is the best way to surprise your partner and bring a smile on their faces. With this app, you can send cute doodles straight to your someone special’s lock screen and tells them that you are thinking about them.

Available on Android

7. For all the physical connect – ‘WeConnect’

7 apps every long distance

If you’re missing all the action between the sheets then this app might be a game changer. Buy a pair of sex toys and download this app which you can remote-control when you’re pleasuring each other! (YES, you read that right!) With this app, you can control the speed and rhythm of the toys from anywhere in the world and have an actual effect on each other… umm, well, mood! *wink*

Available on iOS and Android

Have you given him a naughty gift (Rs 1,521) and made him happy already?

How many do you have on your phone already?

Images: Shutterstock, Play Store

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