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10 Annoying Habits of People That They Don’t Realize Drive Others Crazy!

You may not realize it, but some of the things you consider kind of endearing could actually be like nails on a chalkboard for someone else. We suggest you nix these terribly annoying habits, just for the sake of everyone’s sanity!

1. Smoking

We all know that cigarette smoking is bad for you, but there’s nothing more annoying for a non-smoker than having gentle plumes of cigarette smoke waft across their faces. Take it outside, smokers! Or better yet, quit!

Point 1-Being a smoker

2) Being a fascist non-smoker

On the flipside, there’s this guy. Either he’s just quit smoking himself, or he’s never taken to smoking, and loves giving all smokers a lecture on how bad it is for them, what a disgusting habit it is and so on. Listen up, lecturer! Smokers already know all the side-effects. Lump it, or get out of the smoking area.

things single girls hate hearing 3

3. The whole PDA thing

And by PDA, we’re including the couples who cannot, for the life of them, use one another’s names. It’s “baby” this, or “sweetie” that, till you want to strangle them. Leave Schmookie-Pookums at home, and just address your partner by their given name for the sake of all of us.

Point 3- Couples who are too into the whole PDA thing

4. Being militant about singlehood

Okay, so all your friends are “taken”. That doesn’t mean you have to mock them at every turn, or roll your eyes at each party invitation, saying, “Oh, I suppose I’ll be the only non-disgusting couple person there.” Show some support for them and, in return, they might introduce you to their non-annoying single friends too. 😉

Point 4-The militant single person

5. The constant need to Instagram (and hashtag!) everything

Ugh, is there anything more off-putting than a person who cannot move one step without taking a photo of it? Not only are you forced to wait while they catch up to you, but you also have to relive the entire night later, and be tagged in photos with hashtags like #ChillingWithMyHomiesOnlyYoungOnce. Who can even read that?!

Point 5- The constant need to Instagram (and hashtag!) everything

6) The need to remind everyone how you’re just too cool for social media

Being off Facebook is the new being on Facebook. And there are people who will look smug and tell you how much their lives have improved since deleting their Facebook, Twitter, what-have-you accounts. Yes, we get it! You probably do yoga too – and brag about it to all your friends in real life. Guess what, that’s what Facebook is for.

things single girls hate hearing 11

7. The need to bring your “gang” to everywhere you’re invited

Hi, friend. The invitation said “Please feel free to bring a plus one”, but you’ve gone and brought your whole posse without letting the host know! It’s almost like you’re scared to be without them – and we’re wondering what you have to hide.

Point 7-The need to bring your “gang” to everything you’re invited to

8. Not replying to texts or calling back

We get that you’re super busy and have a super amazing life, but could you please just let us know a) that you’re not dead, and b) that we’re still on for Friday? Thank you!

Point 8- The need to bring your “gang” to everything you’re invited to

9. The need to be right, constantly

They call him Mr Right, and not for the “right” reasons either. This is a person who Just. Cannot. Let. An. Argument. Go. Most of the time, you just agree with them to make sure they stop talking. For the love of God, please stop talking!

Point 9- The need to be right-menxp

10. Being Mr Rich or Ms Poverty Pants

Didn’t anyone teach these people that constantly talking about money – even if it’s to moan that you don’t have it – is…just not done? These are the people who will either toss a thousand rupee note around and not wait for change, because they’re cool like that, or the person who is always complaining how broke they are. Either way, there are ways to subtly work your budget into a conversation, and these involve not working your budget into a conversation. Okay, thanks, bye.

Point 10- The need to be right

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06 May 2016

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