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9 Styling Mistakes That Can Make Busty Girls Look, Um, Bustier!

9 Styling Mistakes That Can Make Busty Girls Look, Um, Bustier!

You’ve been blessed with a beautiful, voluptuous bosom and you are pretty proud of it too! However, sometimes styling outfits for big boobs isn’t as easy as styling them for smaller boobs. You have to keep a lot of things in mind to avoid looking a bit too top-heavy or unknowingly showing off too much cleavage. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your breasts, then avoid these styling mistakes!

1. Wearing the wrong neckline

styling outfits for a big bust

Necklines play an important role on how your upper body looks when you put together a certain ensemble. If you have a bigger bust, always avoid closed necklines like a high-neck or a turtle-neck as they make your breasts appear bigger and can also create the illusion of a uni-boob! Instead, opt for narrow V-necks or a scooped neckline that elongates your neck and also makes your bust appear tantalizingly sexy rather than scandalously va-va-voom.

2. Buttoning it ALL up

A crisp button-up shirt is every girl’s go-to wardrobe staple. While wearing a button-up shirt, do not button it all up if you are heavier up top. It will exaggerate the size of your breasts and can draw unnecessary attention. Always make sure you unbutton the first few buttons while wearing a these kind of shirts. Not only does this styling trick create a very flattering silhouette but it also gives you that casual sexy look. Irresistible!


3. Wearing really short blouses with your saree

No matter how beautiful a saree might be, the wrong blouse can completely steal its thunder. Make sure you don’t wear blouses that end right under your bustline. Short blouses make your breasts more conspicuous, making them appear bigger. Opt for a blouse that ends a couple of inches below your bustline. Earn extra brownie points by experimenting with the designs at the back of the blouse. 🙂

4. Wearing ruffled tops

styling outfits for a big bust

No matter how pretty ruffled tops may look – be it a cute tee or a kurti – they’re just not the right choice for you if you are top-heavy. Stay away from anything that has a lot going on around the chest area as they add that extra bulk and make your boobs appear bigger. Instead, go for tops and kurtis with pretty sweetheart necklines and go clean on the design.

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5. Wearing straight fitted dresses

A straight fitted dress shows off your fabulous curves like no other. However, it’s probably not ideal to wear as a casual daytime outfit. Since it is body-hugging, it accentuates every part of your body – highlighting your curves and making you look bustier. Instead, go for shift dresses and A-line dresses that are subtle and will never look too loud.

6. Wearing baggy tops

What we want to is create a more streamlined silhouette that does not accentuate our breasts if we have big boobs. Wearing baggy or oversized tops make you appear larger if you are chest heavy…which in turn makes your breasts appear larger. Always go for tops with neat fits that highlight your fabulous curves the right way.

7. Wearing cropped jackets and shrugs

styling outfits for a big bust

Try to stay away from cropped jackets and boleros! One, they’re tiny. Two, they have a curved opening which ends right under the bust line. If you are top heavy, then a shrug will open up awkwardly from the sides and might not be the ideal pick if you don’t want full focus on your breasts. Go for open longline cardigans and cover-ups instead.


8. Tucking in your shirt if your lowers are high-waisted

Whenever you tuck your top in a pant or a skirt, it automatically brings your chest in focus as it cinches on the waist creating what appears to be an inverted triangle. This makes your waist appear slimmer but at the cost of making your bust look larger.

9. Wearing broad belts and empire waistlines

A bit of a faux pas if you are big busted and you don’t want to accentuate your breasts is cinching your upper waist with a broad belt or an empire waistline. Empire waistlines cut right under your bustline and flare out, exaggerating your breasts. Instead, opt for flowy silhouettes that flatter your curves the right way.

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05 May 2016

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