Plixxo Influencer Aastha Shah On How Vitiligo Became The Face Of Her Confidence

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  May 25, 2021
Plixxo Influencer Aastha Shah On How Vitiligo Became The Face Of Her Confidence


As women, we are often taught to attach our self-worth to physical appearance. The height, the weight, the colour of your skin—everything is a huge deal. But what happens when we are a little different from the “standard,” from what we are taught is “normal”? #PlixxoInfluencer Aastha Shah talked about the same in a recent chat for #PlixxoUpCloseAndPersonal.

During our conversation, Aastha shared everything about her 16 year-long struggle with vitiligo and how she learned to stop attaching her worth to her appearance. “I have vitiligo for 16 years now. Back then it was a nightmare for my parents and me but now it’s the face of my confidence,” she shared. 

Aastha was in second grade when her parents first spotted spots on her skin. She was soon taken to the doctor who diagnosed it as a case of vitiligo. And then started the never-ending trips to the doctors and temples. “My childhood was just about going to different doctors, taking different medicines, visiting temples to get cured, restrictions on eating and not going out in the sun, receiving offensive comments and facing colourism. People would call me ‘Dalmatian Dog’ or refuse to sit next to me because I have ‘sadela skin’, how tough it will be to get me married etc. My dad always told me that ‘once you become successful, no one is going to care about how you look,'” she adds. 

After 6 years of frantic trying, Aastha finally went to her dad and told him that she knows that Vitiligo has no scientifically proven cure and that she wanted to just live her life. The pigmentation naturally spread all over her body over the years, and she is thankful that her family supported her through it all.  


As Aastha shares, “NO scientifically proven cure for vitiligo has been produced. A little bit of love and support from family and friends is all it takes to be there for someone suffering from vitiligo. Remember, your skin doesn’t define you.⁣ Waking up to those white patches must be painful but you need to make yourself believe how beautiful you are because your skin doesn’t define you. Don’t let the bullying and stares deter you. If you shift your focus from your problems, you’ll notice that every day is another opportunity to live life to the fullest. Shine bright in your own way and wear that skin boldly.”⁣

Aastha finally has one message for everyone, “Spread positivity and don’t send in hate to anyone going through anything in their lives.”

Well, that’s the truth—a little bit of kindness goes a long way. If we cannot support someone through their struggles, the least we can do is be kind. We owe that much to each other. Don’t we?

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