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5 Style Lessons We Took Away From Rhea Kapoor’s Unconventional & Stunning Bridal Wardrobe

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Aug 26, 2021
5 Style Lessons We Took Away From Rhea Kapoor’s Unconventional & Stunning Bridal Wardrobe

Earlier this month, rumours of an important Kapoor wedding had started doing rounds. Soon enough, our Instagram feed was crowded with images of well-clad guests. That’s when the actual anticipation started. We could not wait to see the bride in all her D-day glory. After all, one of the most stylish Kapoor ladies in the B-town was getting hitched! We did expect impeccable style and high octane glamm. However, the final reveal had us gasping for breath. There she was—Rhea Kapoor looking like a modern-day Cleopatra

Our first reaction was sheer awe. She almost looked larger than life while resting on a chaise lounge chair in her living room. There was surreal beauty to her painstakingly done look. It was almost as if every single detail of her finery had a story to tell. For us, it was the best bridal look of the year and our guess is that the who’s-who of the fashion world would agree. Recently, we caught glimpses of her after-party and reception looks as well. Quite commendably, each one of them has given a new dimension to bridal fashion in India. Here are the standout details that especially caught our eye: 

Her Alta Smeared Feet


Last evening, Rhea took to Instagram to share pictures of her reception look. It comprised a particularly flouncy organza skirt with the word ‘love’ embroidered all over it in different languages. The custom-made Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla separate was paired with white sneakers and a scarlet bomber jacket, something that is not generally considered typical bridal silhouette. However, it all worked and it was her alta smeared feet that tied it all together. There was so much tradition and unsurpassed beauty captured in that one tiny detail. 

The Ethereal Colour Palette & Silhouettes 


From ivory to eggshell, each one of Rhea’s bridal looks was done in shades of white. This is quite an unconventional pick for Indian brides, given the kind of stress that we lay on vermillion and other hues of red. That said, we love how the looks have turned out. There is an ethereal appeal that the pristine palette has brought to her finery. The breezy silhouettes done in luxurious fabrics have further added to the beauty of the look!

Her Pearl Veil 


If we were to pick our favourite highlight from all her looks, we’d unanimously vote for the vintage pearl veil by Birdie Chand. It is going down the wedding annals as one of the most iconic bridal details to date. It’s just that distinct and has added a touch of decadence to her Anamika Khanna outfit.

The Long Cascading Hair 


In a sharp departure from the traditional bridal hairdos, Rhea kept her hair down for all her looks. There were no buns, no puffs, no plaits in sight—just long, cascading hair. She has surely paved the way ahead for brides who like to show off their mane but still end up opting for tight buns and chignons ‘coz that is just how we have always done things.

An Important Fashion Lesson

Our biggest takeaway from all of Rhea’s wedding looks? Minimal can be as grand as OTT. Rhea went with understated embellishments, breezy fabrics, and a muted palette for all her looks. Yet, there weren’t any compromises in the visual appeal. The magic lay in the styling, and she has clearly set a precedent for future brides who don’t want to take the conventional route.

Lastly, the most important lesson that we have picked from Rhea’s bridal trousseau is that you simply need to be yourself and a stellar bridal look will automatically follow. Easy, right?

Featured Image: Instagram