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23 Creative Gifts For Your Loved Ones If You’re Playing The Secret Santa This Christmas

23 Creative Gifts For Your Loved Ones If You’re Playing The Secret Santa This Christmas

Hey there, it’s that time of the year again. Christmas is almost here and you are probably busy setting plans for the big party and choosing gifts for your loved ones. But being a Santa in real life is a tough business. Christmas is all about giving and what gifts you choose to give is probably the biggest task at hand.

Buying gifts for friends and family that they will love requires a lot of thought, effort and time. To make things easier, here are some of the unique Christmas gift ideas we have got sorted for you this winter. Worry not, because there’s one for every person in your life. So stuff these in their socks or simply put them beside the Christmas tree, and observe the smile on their face the next day.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

So, bae doesn’t like to splurge on himself? Well, you do it for him then! This holiday season, do your research before you buy him a gift that he is not going to use ever. Here are some gifts that he will genuinely love and will actually use:


Cashmere Sweater

Christmas is here, and so is winter. A warm and fuzzy cashmere sweater is the perfect and most practical gift that you can give your partner. Doesn’t this one bring all the right winter feels? Moreover, this will make such a cute addition to his winter wardrobe. And let’s be honest, who on earth will say no to cashmere?


Shot Glasses

Every season is the right season for some kamikaze cocktail shots. But the holiday season makes them more desirable. These adorable little shot glasses will give him (and you, too!) one more reason to celebrate. Christmas is also just the right occasion to show off your cool and quirky glassware collection to your friends, isn’t it?

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Wireless Headphones

The ideal tech gift for the music lover in your life. Since the headphones are wireless, they will come handy during his gym sessions, or when he is running or jogging. The athlete in him will thank you for removing all those unwanted cords from his life. This is one of the best choice for christmas gift for boyfriend. This one from Bose comes with the longest battery life and is a beauty to look at.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Move over clothes, you need to surprise your BFF with the sweetest gift this Christmas. After all, a great friend like her deserves a great gift at Christmas. So get her something that she will cherish forever. Browse through this list and find the most memorable Christmas gifts for your friends you can surprise with:

Beauty Hamper

I have enough beauty products–said no woman ever! Has she been wishlisting that face mask for the longest time? Why not sweep her off her feet by getting all her fave beauty products together in a hamper! Bonus: You can always borrow the products from her.


Everyone loves good smell. And when it comes in such a cute package, then it deserves a special mention. The fabulous fragrance not only assures a good night’s sleep but can also be used for an at-home aromatherapy session. Oh, and the sweet messages on them are spreading some really positive vibes around, aren’t they?

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Coffee Maker

A coffee maker may sound like an unusual hit for a Christmas present but it surely is an amazing way to show some love to your dear friend. If they can’t start the day without their daily dose of caffeine, then they are surely going to thank you forever for this awesome gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

Hunting for the perfect Christmas gift for family can be overwhelming because each member can have a different taste and personality. What excites one person may not be thrilling to the other. Mom may love the food processor but your fitness enthusiast dad might have been wishing for a gym membership. The challenge is to find one gift that fits everyone’s needs. Here are the best ideas:

Cushion Covers

Add more colour and happy vibes to your home with these hard to ignore cushion covers. The festive season calls for some bright and festive additions to your abode. These gorgeous covers will keep your house Christmas ready even long after the festive season is over. By the way, when was the last time you thought of redecorating your house?

Throw Blanket

Everyone loves lazing on the couch on cold winter afternoons with a gorgeous flannel blanket over them, as they watch TV with a bucket full of popcorn by their side. Sounds cozy much? It definitely is! Flannel blankets can come at crazy prices but your loved ones deserve that much out of your wallet, don’t they?


Wall Clock

Gift your family a unique wall clock with a funky pattern or catchy slogan that tells the time in style. This is definitely going to be the first thing the guests notice when they step into your house.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Toys are the first thing that comes to our mind when we are shopping gifts for kids. But trust me, they are going to get plenty of them at Christmas and you certainly don’t want your gift to be just another toy that they get bored of in a few days. So, here are some creative gift ideas for the kids who practically have everything:

Cartoon Backpack

Give your kids a time travel to the good ol’ days of the 90s with these super-cute Powerpuff backpacks. This cool and funky Mojo Jojo backpack is everything your kids will love to flaunt (And perhaps you too!)

Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

Gift the kids their own little universe with this Glow In The Dark Moon and Stars stickers. It shines like the night sky when you switch off the lights at night. Isn’t this the coolest way to give them a little space education?


Colouring Books

Don’t underestimate this because science says that colouring pages and sheets can help greatly in your child’s development in the early stages. Plus, it makes a great fun activity that you can do with your child. It will keep them occupied while also helping them learn.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Nothing beats a DIY gift- something that has been made with love by actually spending hours (or maybe days). These are the gifts that come straight from the heart and there’s nothing in the whole wide world that can match the sentiment attached to it. So if you want to gift something that’s personalised and homemade, here are a few ideas for you:

Cake In A Mason Jar



While it’s a great idea to serve drinks in mason jars, there’s yet another way in which you can make the most of these adorable jars in your kitchen. All the expert bakers out there, it’s time for you to show the best of your baking skills and make this Christmas sweeter for your friends and family. Here’s how to bake a cake in a mason jar.

Potted Plant


Move over bouquets of flowers and gift a piece of greenery this Christmas. Science says that plants increase happiness and productivity. All you have to do is get a pot and decorate it creatively, and then plant any houseplant in it. Here’s a detailed guide on how to decorate flower pots.


Jewellery Box


Gifting jewellery is passe. This Christmas, gift your loved ones a fab DIY jewellery box. A wooden box makes perfect sense. Colour it in the brightest of hues and be a little creative with laces and accents. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a great jewellery box at home.

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is all about fun, frolic and lots and lots of gifts. But there are chances that you may get so occupied in preparing for the festival that you totally miss out one person on your friends list and before you realise it’s already too late to go to the market and buy a gift for them. For times like this, here’s some of the coolest last-minute gift ideas for Christmas that are just a click away:


Book A Spa


Holiday season is the time for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Find the best spa or salon service close to where your friend lives and give them the experience of a lifetime. A luxury spa manicure, aromatherapy or a deep tissue massage by expert professionals will help her get the glow in the most natural way.

Book Subscription



There’s no gift better than a yearly book subscription for your bibliophile friend. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that can delight them more than this thoughtful gift. All you have to do is find out their taste in literature and they will be oh-so-grateful to you always.

Netflix Gift Card



Give your friends the gift of Netflix by paying for their subscription and introduce them to a whole new world of never-ending entertainment. Suggest them some great shows, and let them just Netflix and chill.

Christmas Gift Ideas Under Rs 500

Running low on budget? Worry not ‘cause we have got you covered too. You don’t have to spend a fortune to leave a memorable impression on your loved ones. You can get them the most unique and unexpected thing this Christmas without actually splurging. Here’s the best Christmas gift under 500 bucks that you can buy:

Coffee Mug

A warm cuppa anyone? Who doesn’t like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter morning? Guess what, when the cup comes with such quirky messages written on it, it surely does bring a smile on the face of the one who receives it.

Movie Poster

Bollywood buffs on your friends’ list deserve a special Bollywood-inspired gift. This cute and quirky poster will add just the right amount of drama to their rooms and make them think of you every time they look at it.



For that special person in your life who is a storehouse of fabulous thoughts and ideas. This super-cute stationery is also the perfect Christmas gift for that friend who has a hard time trying to express themselves in words.


With these surprising picks, you are going to make this Christmas a great one for all your near and dear ones.

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