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Gift for Teacher’s Day

20 Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas To Let Your Mentors Know How Much You Appreciate Them!

Growing up, we all had different views on schools and teachers. Whether your teachers were loving and fun, or strict and stern, you can’t deny that they had a huge role in shaping who you are today. Their contribution is unparalleled and finding ways to express appreciation for them can be a challenge. This is why Teacher’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your teachers! No clue what you can gift them? We have come up with some incredible and thoughtful gift ideas for Teacher’s Day.

Whether you are looking to gift the teachers you have remained in touch with even after years or wondering what to get for your child’s teacher, we’ve got you covered! Below are some Teacher’s Day gift ideas that they will surely love.

Teacher’s Day Gifts For Male Teachers

Teachers Day Gift For Male Teacher

IMDb – Best Teacher’s Day Gifts For Male Teachers


TBH, it isn’t really difficult to make Teacher’s Day special. However, going out of your way to send them something considerate, would make the occasion extra special. Need inspiration for Teacher’s Day gift for male teacher? Here you go!

Engraved Pen Stand


A pen stand may be a cliché gift for Teacher’s Day, but it is something you know your teacher will use, for sure! This one consists of a tiny clock, a cardholder, and a pen stand- all combined in one. Especially now that most classes take place online, this wooden pen stand can be used by your teacher at home to keep things organized.

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Metal Bookend

Teachers are no less than superheroes, right? Well, how about a symbolic gift to convey that emotion? Affordable and useful, this superhero-shaped metal bookend makes for a great teacher appreciation day gift and is bound to make a statement.

Personalized Fountain Pen Gift Set

This Pierre Cardin President Fountain Pen can be engraved with the name of the recipient. This classy gift box comes along with an ink converter along with 3 extra ink cartridges. Tasteful and personalized, this is one of the best gifts for Teacher’s Day, and something that they’re definitely going to love!

Wallet And Belt Gift Set

You can never go wrong with gifting men accessories such as a wallet and belt. Not only does it look impressive, and comes in a lovely gift box, but it also something that your teacher will definitely use.

Message Scroll

Make your gift thoughtful and sweet with this gift hamper consisting of a message scroll, and chocolates. The scroll can also be hung on a wall, and serve as a reminder of the hard work that teachers do, and all the change they bring in their students’ lives.

Tie And Pocket Square Gift Set

Ties are a classic gift, and this Peter England gift set consisting of a tie and a pocket square, makes for great formal fashion accessories to gift your male teachers. They can wear it during formal meetings, conferences, and also at work!

Leather Diary

One can never have too many diaries. Especially teachers! This handmade leather diary can be used by them for taking notes, or even for their personal use. Its leather cover, along with the strap to wrap around the diary, makes it stand out.

Wireless Presenter With Laser Pointer

A Wireless Presenter might just be the perfect Teacher’s Day gift idea for those who often give presentations in the classroom. This gadget basically acts as a remote control for presentations, providing the user the ability to control slideshows, and it also comes equipped with a laser pointer. It is very user-friendly, and even teachers who aren’t tech-savvy can use it with great ease.

Laptop Sleeve With Pouch

Who doesn’t want to appear stylish while also carrying their work essentials? This laptop sleeve with a pouch is all that is needed to carry one’s laptop and stationery in style!

Bluetooth Earphones

With work from home being the new norm, these Bluetooth earphones will be a great gifting option for teachers who conduct online classes. It is one less wired product to worry about at the desk.

Teacher’s Day Gifts For Female Teachers

Teachers Day Gift For Female Teacher

Unsplash – Best Teacher’s Day Gifts For Female Teachers


Your teachers are likely going to love anything you gift them, because in the end, it’s the emotion behind the gift that matters. But it would be great if you could gift them something thoughtful and meaningful, that will make them feel super-special on Teacher’s Day! Scroll down for some lovely ideas for Teacher’s Day gifts for female teachers.

Letter Of Gratitude

Honestly, there’s nothing better than simply writing a letter of gratitude to your teacher, and expressing your appreciation for them. The best part about this gift is that you can place the customized letter within a glass bottle, making it look aesthetic too!

Sling Bag

A sling bag is more of a personal gift, which is why it’s a good idea to buy this for your teacher only if you know about their likes and dislikes. Sling bags are something most females use, and love having a good collection of. If your teacher loves functional accessories like these, then go ahead and buy this classy yet stylish sling bag.

Customized Fridge Magnets

Do you have some adorable pictures with your teacher? Perhaps pictures from the school picnics and outings? If so, these customized fridge magnets make for a great gift for Teacher’s Day. This box of fridge magnets also includes a rewritable marker, for one to doodle on the fridge magnet! The pictures can also be changed in the future.  

Flower Bouquet

This is one of the most common gift ideas for Teacher’s Day, yet it never gets old! Everyone loves receiving flowers, and a lovely bouquet is sure to bring an instant smile to your teacher’s face. It is also always a safe bet to gift bouquets if you aren’t familiar with your teacher’s likes and dislikes, but wish to thank them for all that they have done for you.

Metal Bookmarks

Teachers often have too many books with them, and that is why these metal bookmarks make for an excellent gift idea for Teacher’s Day. Not only do these bookmarks come in cute animal designs, but they also double up as rulers!

Antique Feather Dip Pen


If your teacher is someone who loves collecting antique items, they will certainly love this feather dip pen. It is sure to make one feel like royalty while writing. This set includes a feather dip pen, along with 5 extra nibs, an ink bottle to dip your pen in, and a pen nib base.   


‘I have enough jewellery’, said no woman ever! These dainty studded drop earrings are a safe bet, even if you don’t know your teacher’s choices in accessories well. These drop earrings look sophisticated, and classy, and are also easy on the wallet.  

Notebook With Calculator

It’s always a good idea to gift stationery items to teachers. More so, if they are multipurpose, handy, and as useful as this notebook, that comes with an inbuilt calculator, and a ball pen. No more hassle of carrying around multiple items, when you can have it all in one!

Ceramic Diffuser Set

This diffuser set includes a ceramic diffuser pot, jasmine vaporizer oil, and 4 tea-light candles. It adds to one’s home décor, and also fills the home with an aroma that is quite relaxing. It comes packed in a beautiful gift box, and your teacher will definitely love to have it at her home.


A planner is especially useful for teachers as they don’t just plan each day, but they also create systematic schedules and plans for each semester. Planners don’t have to be boring, and what makes this one special is that it comes with sheets of stickers, a bookmark, a pocket to hold small notes, stationery essentials, and much more!


Handmade Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas: A list of handmade teacher’s day gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your teachers smile!

5th September is nearly two months away, which leaves you with more than enough time to choose the best gift for Teacher’s Day. Make your teacher’s day special, because they truly deserve it!

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06 Jul 2021

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