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Not Sure What To Gift Your Father? We Have 45 Unique Things You Can Give Your Dear Daddy!

Not Sure What To Gift Your Father? We Have 45 Unique Things You Can Give Your Dear Daddy!

Every time I ask my father what he wants as a gift (for any occasion), the answer is ‘nothing’. It’s so much easier for me to shop for my mom because she keeps dropping hints about things on her wishlist. I’ve heard many friends confess that they have a similar situation at home - our dads are so practical that we have a hard time whenever we’re looking for something special to gift them. This gets even more unnerving when you’re hunting for gift ideas for father’s day, or for any other day in particular!

So, I am trying to find a solution with this list of great options for every father. Whether your dad is an ultra-cool parent or a practical ‘I don’t need this’ person, you will definitely get some clues from this list of gift ideas for father’s day.

Gifts For Father's Day

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For Dad Who Has Everything

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dad

Every year, a couple of days before the second Sunday of June we all start scrolling gifting sites to find something useful that our fathers would love to have. We often end up gifting them bouquets, personalised frames and cakes, thanks to all the one-day-delivery gifting sites. However, it doesn’t always need to be like this. This year, you can plan for Father’s Day in advance and order one of these products online.

Man Bar Soap Set of 3

16 gifts for father - Man Bar Soap Set of 3

Looking for a unique gift for father’s day from daughters?? Get him a pack of these soaps - one is a cleanser, the other is a freshner, and the third one is a hydrator. Each soap has a fresh scent that offers a different grooming benefit, such as deep-cleansing silver sage and bergamot, revitalising exotic musk and sandalwood, and hydrating Siberian fir.

Price: Rs 1,691. Buy it here.

Solar Photography Kit

17 gifts for father - Solar Photography Kit

If your dad really likes to click pictures with his camera, this might be the perfect gift for him. Sunography, a.k.a solar photography is fun and it uses the least amount of equipment. He’ll just have to place the object on a Sunography paper, expose it to sunlight and then rinse it in water. This kit will produce blue coloured prints that would look great in his study. He can have fun with old photo negatives or a flat object like leaves and so on.One of the most unique gift ideas for fathers, this one will definitely make them smile.

Price: Rs 1,053. Buy it here.

Dad's Playbook

18 gifts for father - Dad's Playbook

The book is full of quotes and teachings from dozens of sports' greatest coaches, with advice on being a leader, scoring under pressure and how to encourage team spirit. It comes with illustrated inspiring photos of coaches/fathers at work. If you’re looking for gift ideas for father’s day, then this is the thing for you.

Price: Rs 916. Buy it here.

Outdoor Wine Table

19 gifts for father - Outdoor Wine Table

A special table for a special gift for father’s day from daughters.. This table is perfect for picnics. It’s ideal for wine goblets and open bottles as it can hold two glasses, a wine bottle and a plateful of your favourite pairings. This can be one of the best gifts for dad in India.

Price: Rs 4.087. Buy it here.

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

20 gifts for father - Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Ever thought how much a pillow can do for your father? Instead of cotton stuffing, this one has locally-sourced barley and lavender filling and has a 100% cotton exterior. The barley puts out a long-lasting, muscle-relaxing warmth, while the lavender greets the senses with its calming scent, so after a hard day at work, daddy can get a good night’s rest. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for dad in India that he would love and use everyday, then this is it!

Price: Rs 2,466. Buy it here.

Whiskey Stones


Remember all those times your dad had to go without ice cubes in his drinks because the house ran out of them? Well, gift him a set of whiskey stones this Father’s Day and you would be solving a huge problem for him! All you need to do is to stuff them in the freezer and then your dad can enjoy chilled drinks without having to worry about water from the ice diluting it!

Price: Rs 1,899. Buy it here.

A Bar Set


If your dad loves his liquor, then a bar set is one of the best gift for father's day in India. It comes in its own mini cabinet, which makes it perfect to carry along on camping trips and farm visits. Complete with whisky glasses, bottle holder, ice cube holder, and measurer, your dad will have all his bar essentials in one place!

Price: Rs 2,499. Buy it here.



If you’ve got your love of reading passed down from your dad, then he would definitely love this pair of classy bookends. The heavy horse shaped would be apt to sit on his study table, or on his favourite spot on the bookshelf! To make things more special, you can also throw in some special editions of the books he really loves.

Price: Rs 2,199. Buy it here.

A Pair Of Cufflinks


Nothing could be more classier than a pair of cufflinks when it comes to a gift for father’s day from daughters. These rose gold cufflinks come along defined with black highlights, and would look absolutely perfect on a white shirt. If your dad loves to maintain his dapper self, then little else could be better than this!

Price: Rs 3,200. Buy it here.

Saregama Caravan


If your dad is a lover of old classic songs then he would definitely appreciate this little beauty. It comes pre-loaded with a vast library of 5,000 old Hindi songs, all separated by genre. And if your dad is in the mood for something else, then he can also switch on the radio, or can play his own tunes by connecting his phone through bluetooth! Sounds amazing, right?

Price: Rs 6,090. Buy it here.

For more gift options for Father's Day, click here

Birthday Gifts For Father

You know he already has what he needs including his good pair of socks, shoes, shirt, tie and wallet. So, what else you can get your dear daddy? Here are a few cool options.

Birthday Gifts For Dad From Daughter

Fathers give their daughters all kinds of comfort, so why not gift him things that’ll bring comfort and good health to his life?

1. Electric Air Fryer

1. gifts for father - Electric Air Fryer

Gift him good health. When he wants to stay healthy, but can’t say no to fried food, make him switch to air fryer. This air fryer delivers guilt-free results and the circulating air in it gives you crisp snacks without drenching them in oil.

Price: Rs 5,999. Buy it here.

2. Memory Medic Pillow

2 gifts for father - memory medic pilow

A memory medic pillow is made of temperature-sensitive foam. It’s flexible and takes the shape of head and neck. It relieves pressure from the neck and head and prevents neck pain. Imagine how comfortable your father will feel while using it. It also comes with a five-year warranty

Price: Rs 5,825. Buy it here.

3. Healthy Snacks

3 Gifts for father - Quinoa-Masala-Puffs

Food and dads go hand-in-hand. Going by personal experience here, my dad loves to snack between lunch and dinner but not all foods are good for his health so I found a few brands like Snackible, Place of Origin, Healthy World and Evolve Snacks in India who make our regular snacks healthier while keeping the taste intact. For all the times he feels like munching on something, bring him some Quinoa Masala Puffs and more.

Price: Rs 70 for 50 gms. Buy it here.

4. Complete Grooming Kit

4. gifts for father - Complete Grooming Kit

Pamper your dad by gifting him an Ustraa grooming set. This all-in-one men’s grooming set comes with a cologne spray, hair wax, hair gel, lip balm, body wash and face scrub.

Price: Rs 1,898. Buy it here.

5. Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket

4 gifts for father - 5.  Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket

Help him make his winters warmer by gifting him an electric bed warmer. He can just spread it under his bed sheet and switch it on for a good night’s sleep. It comes with an automatic controller that will allow him to set the temperature as per his need. This can be one of the most useful 60th birthday gift ideas for dad in India. 

Price: Rs 2,199. Buy it here.

Birthday Gifts For Dad From Son

Sometimes, he’s your pal and the other times he’s your teacher. Why don’t you try gifting him some technology? When he, as a father, shares and teaches you about his culture and his generation, you can speak to him about the digital era and all-things technology. It’ll be a good conversation starter and you’ll get lots of bonding time. Here’s what you can add to your cart.

6. Wireless Charging Pad

6. Gifts for father - wireless phone charging pad

My father uses his phones as much as I do, but he freaks out when the battery is running out and his work or a game is still in progress. So, gifting a piece of technology that can help him in a situation like that would be a good choice. So, say hello to this wireless charging pad that comes with an AC adapter and a two-year warranty.

Price: Rs 5,999. Buy it here.

7. A Drone

7 gifts for father - a drone

Being a father is not easy, it includes taking care of all the loved ones and keeping them safe. A gorgeous piece of flying technology that can help him keep an eye on the thieves or anybody who tries to break into the house, will be highly appreciated. So say hello to drone.  

Price: Rs 3,799. Buy it here.

8. Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale

8 gifts for father - Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale

If your dad is already a fitness enthusiast, then you might want to upgrade his ways of keeping a check on his weight, health and body fat with a high-tech weighing machine. Weight Guru’s scale calculates both weight and body fat and also sends the information to an easy-to-use app.

Price: Rs 9,130. Buy it here.

9. Kindle Paperwhite

9 gifts for father - kindle paperwhite

Gift him a Kindle paperwhite to help him carry his favourite books wherever he goes. Kindle is reader-friendly and portable and this one in specific, has high resolution, is waterproof and has 8GB data space.  

Price: Rs 12,999. Buy it here.

10. Subscription To All The New Online Shows

10 gifts for father - Subscription to all the new online shows.

If your dad loves watching TV series and shows as much as you do, then he will definitely appreciate subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Chromecast and Hotstar.

Buy it here and here.

Anniversary Gifts For Father

To celebrate the day of your parents marriage, you should certainly go for a couple’s gift, but to find something that both your parents can use, especially your dad, is another challenge. Fret not, we’ve got your covered with some exciting options.

His & Her Bed Set

11 gifts for him - His Her Bed Sheet

Oh yes, this is one gift your parents will make good use of. However, chances are that your mom will like it better than your dad. The set has a quilt cover, pillow covers, and a bed sheet.

Price: Rs 2,999. Buy it here.

Healthy Gift Hamper

12. Gifts for father - Wholesome Snacking - Gift Hamper - 1 Pc

We all want our parents to enjoy good health, but they can be too packed to join the gym. So, the next best deal is to gift them healthy foods including seeds, honey, gluten-free pasta and berries. This hamper has it all. Make their anniversary special by showing some care.

Price: Rs 3,935. Buy it here.

Electric Bed Warmer For Double Bed

13 gifts for father - Electric Bed Warmer For Double Bed

Electric bed warmer for two coming right up! This warmer is a boon that your parents will love you for in the winters. It comes with a temperature controller, it’s comfy and it’s easy to use. They can spread it under their bed sheet.

Price: Rs 4,798. Buy it here.

Essentials Kit For Him & Her



If you want to make your dad and mom feel pampered then gift them an essentials kit from Kama Ayurveda. It’s a refreshing collection. Their ‘him’ kit includes Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser, Pure Vetiver Water, Mint Lip Balm, Khus natural soap, Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream For Men. The ‘her’ kit has Mridul Soap-Free Face Cleanser, Pure Rosewater, Vanilla Lip Balm, Vanilla and Oatmeal Soap and Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream. If you are living abroad then you can send this gift for dad to India.

Price: Rs 2,770 and Rs 3,050. Buy it here and here.

Geo Cocktail Glasses - Set of 2

15 gifts for him - Geo Cocktail Glasses - Set of 2

These chic looking glasses are inspired by terrarium and are crafted with hand blown glass. Your father would certainly love to pour a glass of cocktail for your mother in these geo glasses.

Price: Rs 2,114. Buy it here.

Unique Gifts For Dad

Bored of buying the same old shirts, watches, cuffs, wallets, handkerchiefs and ties for your dad? This time, you might truly surprise him with your choice of gift. Here is a list of some unique gifts you give your father on a special day

Auxtron Digital Doorbell Camera

21. Gifts for father - Auxtron Digital Doorbell Camera

Gift him a digital doorbell camera. Let’s see if he enjoys this high-tech upgrade to the conventional doorbell.

Price: Rs 4,727. Buy it here.

Café JEI French Press Coffee And Tea Maker

22. gifts for father - Caf%C3%A9 JEI French Press Coffee maker

Help your dad elevate his coffee experience with a fuss-free French press. This one comes with four levels of the filtration system and is made of stainless steel.

Price: Rs 2,100. Buy it here.

Freemans Digital Measuring Tape

23. gifts for father - FREEMANS Digital Measuring Tape

Isn’t this such a cool gift? Especially if your dad loves to make improvements in the house.

Price: Rs 2,792 . Buy it here.

Ka-Bar Hobo Knife

24. gifts for father - Ka-Bar Hobo

Image Source: Instagram

If your dad is a traveller or if he hates using and wasting plastic, he would certainly appreciate a hobo knife by his side. It’s a useful tool for him if he’s always on-the-go. This hobo knife is durable and is versatile. It can be used as both, separate utensils or an all-in-one kind of utensil. He’ll love it.

Price: Rs 1,895. Buy it here.

Phonesoap 3.0 - UV Light Sanitiser And Charger

25. gifts for father - Phonesoap 3.0 - UV Light Sanitizer and Charger-White

Our phones go everywhere we go and while we keep cleaning our hands, our phones never get a chance to dust those bacterias, so help your father keep his phone sanitised and charged all the time. It’s a thoughtful gift your dad would thank you for.

Price: Rs 14,811. Buy it here.

Luxury Gifts For Dad

Is your father the kind who prefers quality over quantity? You better start saving from now, so you can get just the right gift for your daddy dearest. Here are some of the best options out of many, many luxury gifts that are out there. Your father with love these.

Echo Spot

26. Gifts for father - Echo Spot

It takes a while to figure out what an Echo Spot can or cannot do, but once your dad passes that stage, he’ll adore this gift. Echo can forecast the weather, read audiobooks, tell jokes, order food, video calls, Skype, news bulletins or anything that will make your dad’s life easier. It even has a small screen to display all the information.

Price: Rs 12,999. Buy it here.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable

27 gifts for father - U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable

Remember when grandpa used to play music on his huge phonograph records? IPods, iPhones, IPads - products may have become smaller now, but doing it the old school style is fun and it’ll surely remind him of his childhood. So for a music-loving dad, it’s a precious gift.

Price: Rs 49,041. Buy it here.


28. gifts for father - decanter

Give your dad’s priced scotch a royal presentation with this Czech Republic-make decanter from Bohemia. Your father will love its stylish design.

Price: Rs 3,500. Buy it here.


30 gifts for father - bvlgari aqva marine

Looking for an amazing perfume? Gift him Bvlgari Aqva Marine EDT that takes inspiration from the purest of water. The blue-green bottle is elegant and the fragrance will remind him of a fresh spring.

Price: Rs 6,280. Buy it here.

Louis Erard 1931

30 gifts for father - Louis Erard 1931

If he is a watch lover, gift your father his first Louis Erard. A watch from Louis Erard is sure to bring a smile on his face, it’s one of the best Swiss Mechanical luxury watchmaking brands since 1931. This gorgeous timepiece is made of sapphire crystals and comes with a two-year warranty.

Price: Rs 79,200. Buy it here.

Surprise Gifts For Dad

Impossible is nothing. Plan or buy something that he can never imagine is possible. However, it would take a lot of planning to surprise your father, but if you pull it off well, it would be worth it. Here are a few options that you can try.

Modular Lighting System

31 gifts for father - modular lighting sysytem

Image Source: Helios Touch

If you have someone living in Europe or America, request them to buy the Helios touch modular lighting system on your behalf. It’s a brilliant invention. Surprise him by lighting his workspace or his room with the modular lighting system. He can switch the tiles on according to the amount of light he needs with a single touch.

Price: Rs 7,317. Buy it here.

Surprise Party

It’s not just any party, it’s a party where you’ll bring all your father’s old friends under one roof, so he can enjoy and reminiscence the old days. Make sure you have his school and college friends on the guest list. It may be hard to coordinate, especially from out-of-towners, but he will be so happy if you can make it happen.

Recreate Your Best Memory With Him

Nothing beats his best memory with you. It could be a road trip, a bonfire, a picnic or a trip to an amusement park; just recreate it for your father’s special day to surprise him.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

34 gifts for father - Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Infused in a fine single malt scotch, these babies are meant to satisfy subtly. They feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year old distillery for a smoky flavour with the notes of peat and caramel. The toothpicks are made of sustainably forested wood and because of all-things natural, it takes a while to release the taste in your buds, so ask daddy to be patient. But as he’s a scotch man, he knows the art of patience already.

Price: Rs 2,533. Buy it here.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - Set of 4

35. gifts for father - Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - Set of 4

Yeah, these babies make everything taste better. These are reusable and hand-crafted. So, let him start the party with spicy shots.

Price: Rs 1,973. Buy it here.

Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

Dad, I am planning to buy gifts for everyone, is there anything specific that you want?

No darling, nothing.   

We have had this conversation too many times in our house. It is not an easy job to convince your father to pick a gift because he wants nothing. In such an inconclusive scenario, here are a few things that you can gift him.

At Home Gyming Kit

36 Gifts for father - basic suspension trainer kit

Your dad might not realise it, but a basic suspension trainer kit can do wonders for his fitness routine. Gift him some good health even if he feels that he’s young as a spring chicken and he doesn’t need it at the moment.

Price: Rs 5,999. Buy it here.

Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit

37 gifts for father - Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit

Everyone wants to know about their family history. This Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit provides different tools to find your DNA matches and it helps you trace your lineage and roots. He’ll be excited to use it.

Price: Rs 10,067. Buy it here.

Genius Dice

38. gifts for him - Genius Dice

This clever dice design shows the face value of each side with 1 to 6 wood segments of different colour tones, made of walnut, maple, and cherry wood. It’s handsome enough to display even when they're not involved in games. It’s a delightful gift for a game lover dad.

Price: Rs 1,762. Buy it here.

Men's Organising Travel 4-Pack

39. gifts for father - Men's Organizing Travel 4-Pack

If he often travels for work, then this travel pack will help him organise his shoes efficiently. Moreover, he won’t have to worry about his shoes soiling rest of his finely laundered clothes, so it’s a definite win-win!

Price: Rs 3,137. Buy it here.

Acupressure Mat And Pillow

40 gifts for him - Acupressure Mat and Pillow

This peculiar-looking pillow and mat set is inspired by the ancient Indian art of acupressure. It helps the body release natural pain-relieving hormones.The plastic points scattered across these pillows prick the skin, eventually releasing endorphins similar to those we experience after an intense exercise session. Your dad would love the healing benefits of this pillow if he use it every day for at least 10 minutes. This could be the best retirement gifts for dad India.

Price: Rs 2,815. Buy it here.

Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything

Bowtie, check. Trimmer, check. Cufflinks, check. My goodness, your father already has every single thing you can think of gifting him. However, we live in an era of countless options, so here are some inventive options for you to surprise him on his special day (Yes, even if he already has everything)!


41 gifts for father - bottleloft

Has he bought a bottleloft yet? No? Well, there you go. This bottleloft is in a form of magnetic strips that can hold beverage bottles suspended from the ceiling of a fridge. He can use it for his beer, protein shakes, or juices.

Price: Rs 2,114. Buy it here.

Scratch Map

42 gifts for father - scratch map

If he hasn’t already scratched the places he has visited, then gift him his scratch map to add some passion to his tours. It’s beautifully made in different colours for different countries. Your father will certainly enjoy checking off his ‘been there’ places.

Price: Rs 2,255. Buy it here.

Wooden Fractal Puzzle

43 gifts for father - Wooden Fractal Puzzle

It’s fun, entertaining, and much like chess, it improves one’s IQ. If your father enjoys solving puzzles, he will find this one extremely interesting.

Price: Rs 4,228. Buy it here.

Travel Cord Roll

44 gift for father - Travel Cord Roll

Want to make his travel life easier? Sort his multiple data cords for him by gifting a travel cord roll. This one is designed in a chic appearance with six hoops for cords and pocket space for the socket and small knick-knacks like watches.

Price: Rs 1,409. Buy it here.

Principles Of Flight Tie

45 gifts for father - principle of flight

Allow your dad to walk into his next meeting wearing a silk tie that sports the graphics of principles of flight. Aerodynamic diagrams, airplane cockpit controls and more are portrayed in the form of a technological collage in this wild-blue-yonder background. It’s a smart tie!

Price: Rs 1,973. Buy it here.

So now that you have our pick of gift ideas for your dad, all you need to know is pick the ones that suit your dad best and give him a well-deserved surprise!

Images Source: Shutterstock, Amazon, Bigsmall, Ustraa, Uncommon Goods

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