10 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Good Friday & Thank The Lord For His Blessings

good friday celebration 2021

We all have heard about Good Friday and enjoyed the day off while growing up, but not a lot of people are aware of the significance of this day. So before you wonder how to celebrate good Friday, you must know all about it first.

Good Friday is celebrated three days before Easter Sunday. It is believed that Jesus Christ had resurrected from the dead and came back for the forgiveness of his followers’ sins. Jesus promised them eternal life in heaven and the day is celebrated each Spring as Easter Sunday. However, Good Friday is a reminder of the same and to mourn the death of Jesus. It was the day when religious leaders who claimed to be the sons of Gods and Kings of the Jews arrested Jesus Christ. He was later crucified and hung on the wooden cross until he died.

Given its history, the ‘good’ in Good Friday can sound very contradictory. However, the word has a different significance here. It signifies a day that is observed as holy by the Church. While considering the ways to celebrate good Friday, people often keep fast and listen to joyful music. However, if you are looking for more ideas to celebrate Good Friday, then here are some ways.

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    How To Celebrate Good Friday At Home


    Given the pandemic, a lot of people might be spending Good Friday at home and alone. And, it might just be a beautiful time to thank the Lord for keeping you healthy and well. Here are some ways to celebrate Good Friday at home.

    Watch a Movie

    You can watch movies like Jesus and Ten Commandments on Good Friday. It will remind you of your blessings and the meaning of life.


    The global pandemic has taken away several lives. On this day, offer your prayers and mourn for all those lives. Pray for the ones who are still fighting for their lives and extend solidarity to the people who need it. Also, think about the people who need your forgiveness and let go of all your grudges. Good Friday is the day when you forgive them and free them of all the negativity.

    Keep A Fast

    You can also keep a fast on Good Friday. If you believe that you can not stay without food for a whole day, then you can eat one meal in a small portion. 

    Give Up Social Media

    Good Friday is not exactly a day that you celebrate. It’s more of a day to mourn and express grief. So, you can utilise this day to keep yourself away from superficial things and activities like scrolling through ‘Gram, watching Netflix, and online shopping.

    Ideas To Celebrate Good Friday With Family


    If you are wondering about how to celebrate Good Friday with family, then we have some awesome ideas for you. 

    Visit Your Local Church

    You can start your day by visiting your local Church with your family. Usually, you will find a Holy Communion in the Church on Good Friday. 

    Pray At 3:00 PM

    If you do not get the chance to visit the Church, then pray with your family. You might want to stop everything that you’re doing and pray at 3:00 PM because that’s the time when people believe that Jesus died.

    Wear Black

    Black is often considered as the colour of mourning and grief. Try to wear black and make your family do the same. If you and your family are not keeping the fast, then sit and pray with your family before having your first meal together.

    How To Celebrate Good Friday With Your Partner


    If you are spending Good Friday with your partner, then make it worthwhile. It is the day when you can communicate openly about your troubles and forgive each other while understanding their thoughts. Here are some more Good Friday celebration ideas.

    Bake Cookies Together

    You can bake cross-shaped cookies with your partner. You can have a batch and distribute the rest to people who need it more.


    You can clean your entire house together and welcome new positive energy in your abode. Cleaning the house will also help you prep for the upcoming Easter Sunday.

    Light Candles

    Candles signify a ray of light in times of darkness. The global pandemic has been hard on most of us and it might be the time when you can pacify your mind. Light candles with your partner and thank Jesus for keeping you and your partner safe and healthy during the tough times.

    More On Good Friday

    Here are some more Good Friday celebration ideas to pick from: 

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    Hoping that you found your answer to how to celebrate Good Friday. Have a blessed year folks! 

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