What's In Your Bag? Team POPxo On Which Item Takes Up The Most Space In Their Handbag

What's In Your Bag? Team POPxo On Which Item Takes Up The Most Space In Their Handbag

Women all over the world have been accused of carrying huge bags that generally weigh a ton. You know what? Guilty! And that too, quite unapologetically. We ladies love to carry all our necessary items in our bags to be prepared in case of any sudden plans. Drinks after work? We are ready because our makeup essentials are with us. Unannounced menstrual attack? We have got a spare menstrual cup with us. Where, you may ask? Right in our bags! 

Interestingly enough, even if we don't carry our whole world with us, there's generally one product that occupies most of the space in our handbags. And honestly, we really cannot do without them.

We asked our Team POPxo and they shared what takes up the most space in their handbags. Curious to know what these products might be? Then read ahead!

Team POPxo Shares What Takes Up The Most Space In Their Handbag

From a bunch of makeup products to a huge bottle of water, struggles of Team POPxo with organising space in their bags is as real as it can get. 

5-Year-Old Steel Bottle

It’s an old, battered bottle of water that occupies the most space in my bag and is constantly weighing it down. I am anti-single, use plastic and always, ALWAYS thirsty. This is why I simply cannot do without my 5-year-old steel bottle which in all honesty is going pretty strong right now. *Touch wood*

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer 

Several Mini Bags

The art of carrying a sling bag is something that I have not learned to date. I am that person who likes to carry her entire house in her bag. The fact that I'm also a hoarder, doesn't help. So, I carry multiple mini bags in my huge handbag to give it a cleaner look. If you ever decide to look inside, you will find a makeup bag, stationery bag, medkit, lunch bag, etc. Basically, bags and pouches take the most space in my handbag.

- Kanupriya, Content Writer 

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Heavy Books In Tiny Bags

I am never without a book and always with a tiny handbag and it’s safe to say, the struggle is real. Fitting the book into my bag is always a problem but I love finding a few hours here and there to read. It does occupy a lot of space but bibliophiles will understand my need to carry it along. 

- Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

Books Over Anything Else

It’s always the one (sometimes two!) book or novel that I am reading at the time. I rely on a paperback as opposed to a digital version and I especially need it when I am stepping out of the house (clearly not happening now). If it happens to be bigger than your usual version, well, let’s just say everything else has to be put on the back seat.  

-Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer

Not Without My Kindle!

As someone with a master's degree in English Literature, I've carried books around in my handbag for a good five years. When I entered the workspace, I began to despise carrying large, clunky bags. I like my hands to be free, so my go-to bags are mostly cross-bodies and slings. But since I could no longer fit several books at a time (I like options!) in a tiny bag, I gifted myself a Kindle. Best investment ever! Now I can switch between fiction and autobiographies in the span of a short cab ride. And it's small enough to fit in most crossbody bags!

-Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

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When It Comes To Lipsticks, How Much Is Too Much?

As much as I want to carry around a tiny lightweight bag, I always end up with a big one all thanks to my makeup. I just can’t bring myself to go anywhere without some of my go-to products (actually a lot of my go-to products). You never know when you might need to glam up a little bit. Though I always have loads of other things, most of the time my makeup weighs down my bag...especially my lipsticks! I can never pick one so I end up carrying different shades of brown and plums. 

- Janvi Manchanda, Writer 

Makeup, Perfume, Flats... List Goes On!

My makeup bag! I’m not even going to deny that I carry about 10-15 lipsticks with me at all times, unless I’m carrying a teeny sling bag. Other than that, I always carry perfume and sometimes a spare pair of flats after my feet decide to give up on me while dancing all night! But makeup is something that takes up the most space in my bag because honestly, I love putting on makeup and you gotta be ready for that. So next time you have a last-minute plan, you know whom to ask for a bright red lipstick!

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

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Penny... I Mean Journal For Your Thoughts?

I keep a cute notebook or journal in my handbag all the time and I guess that pretty much takes all the space available. I scribble my thoughts in them frequently, jot down any important upcoming events, and sometimes just doodle away in my free time. Also, I have made it a habit to keep a few sanitisers in my bag all the time and I guess I'm not getting rid of this habit anytime soon. 

- Naina Sharma, Social Media Manager

Battery Backup Is Heavier Than YouThink

My 20000mAh battery pack! It's huge and heavy. Since I'm always glued to my phone, either reading, clicking pictures or listening to music, my phone's battery gets drained quickly. Hence, I always carry a backup!

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

Which one did you relate to the most?

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