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Does Stalking Your Ex Count As Cheating? We've Got All The Answers

Does Stalking Your Ex Count As Cheating? We've Got All The Answers

Technology definitely does have its upsides--it helps us stay connected to our loved ones irrespective of distance and time with just one click. That being said, social media has made it easy for us to keep tabs on literally anyone's digital life. This could be your friend, your partner or an ex-lover. It is quite natural to want to find things about your ex-lover's life--what they're doing, how they've been, who they're seeing etc. But the urge to digitally 'stalk' an ex-partner can be excruciating sometimes and can leave you with multiple doubts and obsessive feelings. 

While some of us go in with the thought of rekindling a relationship, others just like to do it for fun. But no matter what your intentions are, stalking an ex is a murky path to follow. Especially when you're dating someone. So, is stalking your ex considered cheating? Is it okay to sometimes to snoop into your ex-partners' private life, despite being romantically involved with someone else? Let's find out!

Intentions! Intentions!

It is very natural to want to see what your ex is up to. But it is also important to know your true intentions behind those actions. If it's just for fun and is out of curiosity, you can let it go and give in to the urge of wanting to cyberstalk once in a while. However, if your intentions low-key make you want to think about them in any different way, it is ideal to stop and introspect right away. It all also depends on how often you have the urge to stalk them. As we said, if it's once in a blue moon, it is not so unhealthy. Ask yourself these questions before you search for your ex's handle on Instagram:

- Why am I doing this?

- Is there something about him that I feel my current partner lacks?

- Do I miss him?

- Am I jealous of his new girlfriend?

- Do I stalk him to know whether he has someone in his life?

- Do I want to get back together with him?

If your response to these answers is mostly yes, you need to contemplate whether or not are you really over your ex. Sometimes, stalking an ex while you already have a partner, can also mean that you miss your ex so much that you want to know what they're up to in order to get an opportune time to connect with them.


The Final Verdict

Cheating on someone does not always have to be physical. However, intentions play a very important role in this situation. Stalking your ex for fun cannot be termed as cheating. However, if every time you stalk your former partner, you wish that you hadn't broken up with them, then it's time to rethink your current relationship.

If you find yourself in this situation, talk to your partner about it and be as honest as you can. Keep in mind that we're all human and it's completely okay to find someone else attractive. Plus, there's no one-size-fits-all formula for relationships. A lot of people are in touch with their ex-lovers despite being in a relationship, and don't find it that hard to maintain them both together.

Cheating is all about wrong intentions and the secrecy of it. If you're honest with yourself and your partner and get some guilty pleasure out of stalking your ex, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

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