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10 AWESOME Replies To The ‘I Miss You’ Text From Your Ex!

10 AWESOME Replies To The ‘I Miss You’ Text From Your Ex!

Most of us have gone through breakups. Some of them end on a good note and some of them don’t. But there is also that moment when you’ve had a bad breakup and you realize you’re doing fine without him but that ex wants to slide back into your life after he’s realised what he lost... It all starts with an “I miss you” text, but you couldn’t care less because you’ve moved on.

So what do you do? You have two options - either you ignore him or you put him in his place by being the sassy chick that you are! If you want to go with option 2, here are some funny and witty texts to send your ex boyfriend when he randomly drops the “I miss you” text!

1. “Yeah well… If I had lost someone as awesome as me, I’d miss myself terribly too!”

I mean, yeah… You lost a gem after all! Sucks to be you!

2. “Hey! Am I a 24x7 convenience store that you think you can come anytime you want and leave anytime you want? Nope. Bye!”

Come to this convenience when you’re bored and lonely, take what you want and leave? I don’t think so!        

3. “Nu fone, who dis?”

I’m sorry, can’t recall you. New life, who's this?

3 texts to send your ex boyfriend

4. “Error: this message couldn't be delivered. The girl you’re trying to reach has realized that she deserves better and moved on.”

You are recommended to unsubscribe and save your effort and energy (which you should have actually put in the relationship).

5. “Not today Satan, not today.”

Please go back to where you’re from. Hell is missing its ruler.

6. “I was missing you too earlier today when I saw the trash can…”

Sometimes I also miss you when I’m running late and someone asks me to “come quickly.”

6 texts to send your ex boyfriend

7. “Of course you do! I have that effect on people!”

I told you that you’ll always remember me, whether you want to or not. *Wink*

8. “I miss you too… Just like I miss the STDs.”

Or just like you miss having a brain!

9. “I miss you too! I hope I run into you sometime soon…with my car.”

Can’t wait, that’s going to be the best day of my life!

9 texts to send your ex boyfriend

10. “LOL, get in line!”

You think you’re the only one? Think again!

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Published on Mar 20, 2017
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