The Fashion Police Called! Here's How You Should Be Styling Those Skinny Pants

The Fashion Police Called! Here's How You Should Be Styling Those Skinny Pants
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While this versatile piece of clothing can be paired with just about everything, there are certain styles that agree better with the fashion police. We give you all the ways you can and should style your beloved skinny pants. 

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    How To Style Skinny Jeans And Pants

    While we all love our skinny jeans, not a lot of us understand how to style skinny jeans and pants correctly. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Scroll through to find out the best ways you can style your skinny pants and dress them up with different shoes and accessories.

    • Go with a pop coloured top
    • You can never go wrong with an oversized T-shirt
    • Blazer vibes
    • High waist skinny pants? Go for a crop top
    • Throw on a jacket
    • A big sweater and skinny pants are BFFs
    • Classic button-down shirt


    Go with a pop coloured top


    Give your old skinny jeans a pop twist by wearing them with a vibrant coloured top. Go for corals, fuchsias, cobalt blues or whichever colour you fancy to take your outfit from drab to fab. 

    You can never go wrong with an oversized T-shirt

    Skinny pants, as the name suggests, are snug and take the shape of your legs. If you’re an oversized tee kinda gal or one that does boyfriend shirts, then by all means go ahead and wear them with your skinny pants. Not only will you be super comfy but you’ll also get an ‘A’ for style. 

    Blazer vibes


    Skinny pants, a neutral coloured top and a well styled blazer in the colour of your choice will add the professional chic touch to your look. Wear heels with this combination in the same colour as the top or the blazer to complete the look perfectly. You can go for a fitted blazer or an oversized one, as per your preference. If you aren’t too sure about how to rock the bright red blazer you bought impulsively, this is just how you can pull it off. 

    High waist skinny pants? Go for a crop top

    Go for a casual chic look with high-waist skinny pants paired with a crop top. This outfit will make you love your curves all the more and it’s perfect for a chill night at the movies!

    Throw on a jacket


    Be it a all-time favourite denim jacket or a leather one or even a stylish tweed one, throw it on over your skinny pants and it will make your look go from 1 to 100! For some extra style points, you don’t have to even put on the sleeves. Just make the jacket hang over your shoulders and you’re good to go.  

    A big sweater and skinny pants are BFFs

    Skinny pants are great for your style game in the winter season when you pair them with a fun sweater. The snug pants balance out the bulkiness of the sweater and make it an outfit you’ll be happy to flaunt. You can team this up with booties to complete the look to perfection.

    Classic button-down shirt


    Shoes To Wear With Skinny Pants

    Raise your hands if you agree that footwear can make or break an outfit. Skinny pants are versatile enough to look great with almost any kind of footwear, however, there are a few styles that are clear winners. Read on to find out which shoes work best with skinny pants. 

    Knee-high boots for the win


    Skinny jeans with the snug knee-high boots is among the most effortlessly chic winter fashion looks. If it’s too cold to wear stockings with those boots, skinny jeans come to your rescue and look just as good. 

    Booties and bunched up skinny jeans

    Don’t be afraid to put on your fave booties and instead of tucking the skinny jeans into them, bunch them up and leave them be just above the booties. You’re bound to fall in love with this look. 

    Fold ‘em up. Slip on those heels

    If you have a pair of cropped skinny pants, you can use those. Or else fold up your full length ones neatly and slip on a pair of heels. The fold in your pants should be enough to have the ankle area exposed. Wear peep-toes or closed shoes to ace this look. 

    Sneakers for the cas-cool look


    Athleisure is both stylish and so comfy, right? If you aren’t into sporting tracks, skinny pants with sneakers are the way to go. Both ankle length and full length ones will go with sneakers, but if we were to pick one, it would be the ankle length ones. Oh, and if these ankle length jeans are distressed, then even better!

    Tips To Accessorize Skinny Jeans

    We agree that no amount of accessories is too many accessories. However, when it comes to styling up your skinny pants, a little goes a long way. Pick a chunky pair of earrings or a cutesy hairband or any other fun accessories you might fancy. Make you snug pants and that one accessory the centre of attention. Don’t go all out, we say. 

    Belt it out


    A fitted tee or a button down shirt with skinny pants and a big belt to go with it is just how you’ll want to complete your outfit. Go for a belt with a chunky buckle to pick up the fashion game a bit more. 

    Big earrings? Yes, please!

    You can never go wrong with this one. Big, statement earrings with your outfit is sure to get you a 10 on 10 for your style game. Take it from us and go for an oversized sweater, skinny pants and those huge hoops that have been sitting in your dresser for months!

    Say hello to scarves

    TBH, scarves lend a super chic vibe to any outfit really. If you’re going for skinny pants and a basic top, tie a pop-coloured scarf around your neck for an effortlessly fashionable look. 

    The Right Type Of Skinny Jeans For Your Body Type

    We all have different body types and just like one size doesn't fit all, there are various types of skinny pants that flatter different body shapes. 

    Hourglass shape

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    If you have an hourglass-shaped figure, it’s best you go for skinny pants with a broad waistband that sits well on your upper waistline. This will accentuate your curves and make your pants fit perfectly. 

    Apple shape

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    If you have equally wide hips, waistline and bust, and you have a rounded tummy, then you fit in the apple shape category. Go for a high-waist fit that sits well around your belly button. This will give you more definition around your waistline and will flatter your body type. 

    Pear shape

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    The challenge for someone with narrow shoulders and bust line and heavy hips is getting skinny pants with the right length. It’s best you go for brands that offer length options for you to choose from. 

    Banana shape

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    Being of a similar width at the shoulders, bust line, torso and hips means you have a banana-shaped body. Since you have fewer curves than other body types, you can opt for skinny pants that have embellishments, back pockets and patches that give the illusion of curves. 


    I’m not exactly skinny. Can I pull off skinny pants?

    Most definitely. Wearing snug pants will accentuate your curves and make your figure look even more appealing. 

    Shall I go for high waist skinny pants or mid rise ones?

    This is dependent on a few factors. A) Your choice of skinny pants on a given day depends on what you want to pair it with. If you’re in the mood to rock a crop top, you should go for high-waist ones. B) Mid-rise pants work for this with banana-shaped figures as they’d fit better and help create an illusion of a curvaceous figure. 

    How long to skinny pants last?

    As in the case of all other clothing, how long they last completely depends on how well you store them and how often you wash them. Washing your clothes too often makes them look worn out faster than usual and could make them lose shape too. 

    Can I use skinny pants formally?

    For a formal look, get into your skinny pants, throw on a blazer and wear a pair of statement heels. Even a formal lace top with skinny pants works beautifully for a formal evening.