The Top 20 Wedding Trends Of 2020 That Every Bride-To-Be Should Bookmark!

The Top 20 Wedding Trends Of 2020 That Every Bride-To-Be Should Bookmark!

We’re in the age of Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards that offer every bride and groom an overwhelming number of ideas and subsequent expectations for their wedding. This is exactly why we thought we’ll lay it out straight for all you to-be brides and grooms and tell you the wedding trends that are going to be huge in the coming year. 

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Are you taking notes, ladies?!

Smart decor


Think dry flowers, wild flowers, hay and leafy greens. 2020 will see no more exotic flowers especially being flown in from a foreign destination. Instead, there will be more of potted plants and decor that can be upcycled.

Weddings and green vibes

Be it organising buses for transporting guests from one venue to the other (as opposed to multiple cars and cabs), controlling food portion sizes to minimize waste, the digitization of all wedding-related communication, or sourcing of wedding decor material locally - 2020 will see sustainability as one of the top priorities as far as wedding planning goes. 

Flower walls are so passé

We’ve seen flowers walls at almost every wedding and on every other decor company’s Instagram profile. 2020 however, will see new ideas come to play as far as the backdrop for the bride and groom goes. We’re thinking murals, frescos, stone carvings, and the likes. 

Vegan options on the menu

Having an inclusive menu is the new thing to do now. With many people turning pure vegetarian, steering clear of animal-based protein or being outright vegan, it is but natural that wedding planners and hosts are going to have to consider inclusive menu options. Yes, your standard Lamb Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Amritsari Fish will be there for your to gorge on, but 2020 will have healthy, vegan and a spread of vegetarian options for guests to choose from based on their dietary preferences. 

Red lehengas are here to stay


For decades, red has been the popular colour choice for bridal lehengas, and it continues to be the case. While the last few years saw many brides experimenting with blues, greens and greys, some of our biggest celebrity weddings recently (AKA Deepika-Ranveer and Priyanka-Nick) saw the brides wearing the good ol’ bridal red. This made a lot of the brides stick to the classic choice in 2019 and they will continue to do so in 2020. 

Hello, mixologists!

Come 2020 and basic bartending will be out of the picture. If you want a baller 2020 wedding, go for mixologists who really know the art of cocktail making and in fact interest guests in cocktails depending on their taste preference or even their mood at that given time. Feel like a trip to the Phi Phi Islands? Here comes your Coconut Pandan Tequila-based drink with a hint of lemongrass! 

Micro weddings at fun destinations

And by micro we really mean just 70-100 of your closest family and friends fly off to a national part or your favourite little European town. Organising Indian weddings is possible anywhere as long as you have the right wedding planning team to assist you. So pick your favourite city in the world, and get cracking on the planning, 2020 brides. 

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After-party food will be a MUST

It’s a known fact that most youngsters at weddings pay less attention to the buffet tables because, well, they’re too busy hanging by the bar and/or burning the dancefloor. It’s only once the party meter is low in the wee hours of the night that hunger and sleep take precedence over drinking and dancing. An after-party food menu is a big hit at this time. So make it a point to add that in when planning your 2020 wedding!

Hairbands & barrettes for them extra brides


Barrettes, combs and hairbands are really having a moment right now. While you may not be able to do this hair experiment on your wedding day (what with the dupatta on your head throughout the ceremony) but the 2020 bride will go all out on barrettes and hairbands on the sangeet and mehendi to add a fun/quirky twist to their look!

Statement art jewellery? Yes, please!

While your family may have invested lots of moolah in your bridal set, and by all means go ahead and flaunt it, it is for the smaller functions like your mehendi or choora for which you can get your hands on some statement pieces made with semi-precious stones and other materials. With a number of art jewellery labels out there, 2020 will see brides wear lots of statement pieces that are a good blend of modern contemporary with a traditional touch.

Candid shots only!

Posing for photos with every family and friends group attending the wedding turns out to be all that the couple ends up doing throughout the wedding functions. Not anymore though, if the 2020 wedding trends are something you go by. The 2020 couple will go for candid shots only and an official bride and groom photoshoot at a later time into the event. 

Personalise, personalise, PERSONALISE!

Gone are the days when parents and elders in the family have the biggest say in how your wedding turns out. 2020 is the year wherein weddings will truly reflect what the couple stands for and believes in. Be it a foodie bride or an environment enthusiast for a groom, weddings in the new year will scream the bride and groom (and that’s just how it should be!).

Bridal makeup to suit YOU


Going for your signature look as opposed to trying to look extra special and different on your wedding day will be the way to go at 2020 weddings. So if you’re the red lipstick kinda girl, flaunt it at your wedding too! 

Weddings are going to be lit!

We mean they will be LIT and will be innovatively lit too! Because what’s a wedding without some mood lighting right? We mean hanging basket lanterns, modern tube lighting and the popular LED light signs - all of which can be upcycled too. 

Gifts for charity

Just like Deepika and Ranveer requested their guests to not gift the wedded couple anything and instead donate to charity, the same way 2020 weddings will see gifts directed towards various causes and charity instead of making their way to the bride and groom’s pockets. 

Heels will be ditched for sneakers!

We saw Rhea Kapoor wear sneakers to her sister’s wedding and were so inspired! Nothing comes above being comfy at your wedding, right? While we did see a few badass sneaker brides last year, 2020 will see this trend boom and how!

Recycling your mom’s lehenga


Remember when Isha Ambani customised her mother Neeta Ambani’s wedding saree - a 35-year-old heirloom piece, and we all were aww-ing about it? This is definitely a trend that’ll take flight in 2020. Not just for brides but even close friends and family, we totally recommend you pick up your mother or grandmother’s embroidered dupattas and sarees and wear them in your way to weddings! Nothing looks more stunning that an Indian outfit with antique work. 

No more complicated hashtags please!

Okay, this is downright annoying. Confusing and extra-long hashtags are just a big no-no and we definitely do not wish to see them making an appearance in 2020. Keep it smart, short and simple, and be the trendy cool couple, we say! 

Traditional sarees for the win

Be it a Kanjeevaram or an elaborate Banarasi silk saree - these will never ever go out of style. 2020 will see, like many years in the past, brides flaunting these for at least one function. You can style it up with an embellished waist belt or add some tassels to the pallu if you must give it a contemporary twist. 

Welcome, unplugged weddings AND honeymoons!

No phones and social media at the wedding. This is no more a concept that’s followed by some celebs exclusively. Many couples now want themselves and their guests to truly enjoy the wedding by being present in the moment. The same holds for the honeymoon too! Isn't that just how it should be?!

Brides-to-be, how many of these are you stealing for your 2020 wedding?!

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