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These Soulful Shayari Pieces Will Make You Want To Propose To Your Partner Right Away!

These Soulful Shayari Pieces Will Make You Want To Propose To Your Partner Right Away!

There is magic in poetry that is alchemical in nature. Every emotion finds itself expressed in a completely different way when it is converted into prose. And if we are talking about love, a magical emotion in itself, there is nothing better than poetry to express it. So, we curated a list of soulful shayari pieces that are so full of love that they can help you pour your heart out to your partner. If you are planning to ask for their hand in marriage, use these. These will actually make for the perfect proposal moment and we're sure you'll be in tears by the end.

1. Heart pounds louder than writ word.


2. The love that forgets ego.


3. As deep as the beloved's eyes...

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4. Love isn't an advice, my friends.


5. The fragrance of love.


6. Eyes. Period.


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7. The love that transcends age.


8. Amidst a crowd but never apart.


9. The love that transcends destiny.


10. The love that's not scared to fail.


11. When you found the right one a little too late.


12. The love between bodies.


13. The love that moulds fate.


Ain't these magical, lovelies? Which piece would you like to be proposed with?

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