Dear Future Husband, 19 Adorable Ways To Propose To Me *Hint*

Dear Future Husband, 19 Adorable Ways To Propose To Me *Hint*
Dear future husband,

I know you’re out there… Maybe somewhere really near or could be far. We may or may not have met. But all I know right now is that I just can’t wait to have you in my life. And if I were to share a little secret with you, will you keep it safe? I’ve always and forever dreamt of a romantic marriage proposal and I’d love it if you asked me to marry you in just the same way. It would mean so much to me. So baby, even if we’re not together as of now, I know that someday we will be. And when that day comes, here’s how I want you to propose to me.


Your Future Wife

1. Write it in the sky…

…in big bold letters, ‘Will You Marry Me’. OMG, now that would be a dream come true. To see those magical words light up the sky as you go down on your knees.

1 romantic marriage proposal

2. When we’re stuck in a traffic jam

Will you get out of the car and ask me to marry you in front of all those people? How exciting would that be?!

3. Hide the ring at my house?

And make it a game of treasure hunt?! You could put in cute little clues all around the place that finally lead me to that dream proposal.

4. A game of dumb charades?

On a night out with friends, suggest that we play dumb charades and let me guess as you enact that magical proposal. How sweet would that be?!

4 romantic marriage proposal

5. Go the classic way

A dinner date, my favourite music in the background and a ring in my glass of wine. So romantic!

6. Do up a walkway

I open the door to my house to see a walkway made with rose petals and scented candles. I walk through it and there you are, at the end of the walk, waiting to pop the question.

7. Make me a picture book

With all our special moments and right at the end should be that question that I’ve been craving to answer.

7 romantic marriage proposal

8. Make a romantic video

And have it played in the theatre right before the movie starts. On the BIG SCREEN! OMG!

9. Dance your way into my heart

I’m talking about a surprise flash mob! On a casual day, when we’re out shopping at the mall, how about organising a flash mob proposal?

10. One with the placards

Get all my friends to hold one placard each with all the things you love about me. Let the story unfold little by little, as I find you standing right at the end of the line with that special message written in big bold letters across your card.

10 romantic marriage proposal

11. Hot air balloon it!

Could you please arrange for a hot air balloon ride for us? And when we are up above in the sky, will you go down on one knee and ask me to marry you?

12. Get the kiddies in on it!

You know, I love kids. Can’t you just ask all of them to come to me one by one with a sweet little card and a rose to go with it? How adorable would that be! The last kid can have you come along with him/ her and complete the proposal.

13. Write it on the walls!

Can I wake up to a room that screams out, ‘Will You Marry Me’ in every direction that I look? Load it with heart shaped balloons too!

13 romantic marriage proposal

14. Just slip it in somewhere

I don’t want anything fancy… Just a note or a ring on a regular day, in a place I least expect it. Catch me unaware and I swear, it’ll be the sweetest surprise ever.

15. A proposal that the city can see?

Will you drive around with a sash flying out of your window that says ‘I Love You’? Or a hoarding with our image right outside my house?!

16. Shower me with flowers

A bouquet that reaches me every single hour of the day, each with a note that has on it one reason why you love me. And will you bring in the last one yourself?

16 romantic marriage proposal

17. A family dinner!

Pop the question at a family dinner! I want all my dear ones to be there on this special day. Make a romantic setting complete with candles and a guitarist and I swear it’ll make my heart melt.

18. Let’s go on a vacation!

A surprise vacation + a wedding proposal = Best thing ever!

19. A proposal shoot

You know I love getting clicked, so how about a couple shoot that you could plan for us! The photographer can ask you to go down on your knee for a picture and that’s when you turn the picture into a reality. How sweet!

19 romantic marriage proposal

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