9 Cute Ways To propose To A Guy! | POPxo
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The Cutest Ways To Propose To Your Guy!

The Cutest Ways To Propose To Your Guy!

If you’ve found the guy you know you can spend the rest of your life with, maybe it’s time you should. Don’t wait around for him to buy you a ring, go ahead and surprise him with one instead. Rest assured, it’ll make for a great proposal story that’ll stay with you for long after… Here are some cute ways to propose to a guy - go on, pick one! 

1. If he is someone who loves his TV a bit too much...

Make him a movie! Get two people to enact the life of a couple in love from the day they get married to the time they have kids, and when they grow old. Get that couple to act like you and your boyfriend do, and get them to play this life of a married couple in your present home. End it saying, “Thank you for this beautiful journey together. Will you take the first step towards it and marry me?”

2. If he is more of an outdoors kind of a person...

And is crazy about his cricket/ football matches and even more about the equipments, then you need to propose him in a way that he’s gonna love. Buy him a cricket ball/ football that’s similar to his favourite one and slice it into half. Now place your ring in it, and propose with it!

3. If he loves adventure...

Get him to treasure hunt. Do this over a span of a week, leading up to any day that’s important to both of you, say your anniversary or birthday. Leave him little clues, hints and gifts that are all related to your relationship…and slowly lead him up to the big proposal. And when he does find his final clue, let the yes bring him to you!
cute ways to propose to a guy 3

4. If he loves to dance and sing...

Organise a flashmob! Get his friends, family and colleagues together and practise the steps to his favourite song. Surprise him in a place that’s special to both of you and then propose.

5. If he is a romantic at heart...

Recreate your very first date. Go into every little detail… The same restaurant, the same person to assist you, the same car to pick you up. Wear the same dress too, and try and look just the same as you did that day. And then, drop the ring in his glass of champagne and propose! new story banner

6. If he is a foodie...

Invite him for dinner, and cook all his favourites. When you two are done with your meal, serve him his favourite dessert and using white cream, write “Marry me?” over it. Tell him he’s allowed to eat it if the answer is yes!! :P cute ways to propose to a guy 2

7. If he is kinda old-school...

Organise a family get together. Involve both your families in on the plan, but do not let him get a whiff of it. Once you are done with the dinner, and everybody’s seated comfortably, tell him there is something you need to ask him. Tell him everything you love about him and then amidst your family cheering, propose.

8. If he loves all things grand...

Then you need to talk to some theatre group or movie hall authorities, and get them to flash “Will you marry me?” on the screen! Get on stage and express your love for him, and ask him to marry you. He’ll love the gesture!

9. Or if he just lives for the little moments!

Plan a trip to the beach. Keep in mind to book a hotel with a private beach. Then, on your first evening, lay out his clothes ready on the bed, ask him to meet you next at the beach, and while walking barefoot on the cold sand, ask him. We bet your entire trip, henceforth won’t be short of the awesomeness of any honeymoon! cute ways to propose to a guy Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 12 Sweet Messages To Send Your Guy When You’re Missing Him! MUST-READ: 9 ADORABLE Things Guys Do That Always Melt A Girl’s Heart!
Published on Jan 4, 2016
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