#JaaSimranJaa: Here's How To Wear White In Monsoon Like A Yash Raj Heroine!

#JaaSimranJaa: Here's How To Wear White In Monsoon Like A Yash Raj Heroine!

We all have grown up with people telling us about monsoon skincare and dressing do's and don'ts and the first and the biggest DON'T is white! Every fashion rulebook will renounce whites in the monsoon in SHOUTY CAPITALS! Fashion experts sugarcoat the same saying 'avoid' wearing white clothes in the rains. But why? Why should the clouds decide what you should and should not wear?

To hell with this. We say you channel your inner Simran like "Jadoo sa jaise koi chalne laga hai"!

1 monsoon - kajol in mere khwabon mei DDLJ

Wear what you want. There are no rules in fashion. And while you're at it, here are some handy tips to stylishly wearing white in the rains without the fear of muddy puddles and see-through stares. 

1. Mix Your Whites With Other Colours

An all-white outfit in heavy rains sounds like a heavy risk unless it's a white dress that you've got your eyes on. If an all-white outfit gets dirty, it'll show prominently and attract attention. Instead, pick a white hero piece in your outfit and pair it with a coloured second piece. You can also accessorise with statement jewellery and bags to balance out the white.

2. Invest In A White Outerwear

2 monsoon - parineeti chopra white jacket

Choose a white outerwear or cover-up over your outfit. A jacket will not only give you a solid structure but also brighten up your look thanks to white. But make sure to not pick a thick heavy fabric. It's comfier to wear light in the monsoon so in case you get wet, it doesn't weigh you down. A cotton-blended bomber jacket will be just perfect.

3. Wear An Underslip With Your White Tops

This is probably every mom's favourite advice to her daughter, especially during the rainy season. And it's a pretty good advice too. In case your top gets see-through, you've no reason to be uncomfortable. Thanks, Ma!

4. Go For Shorter Hemlines

3 monsoon - karisma kapoor white cropped pantsuit

When in doubt, go for a casual pair of white shorts or a skirt. Cropped trousers will also do the trick and so would a midi dress. Longer, wider, flared hemlines will add to your trouble of managing the outfit when there are puddles all around. 

5. A Handy Scarf Goes A Long Way

Go all out with a quirky, printed scarf over your whites and add some colour to your outfit. It'll also double as a stylish throw in case of mud-splashes or unforeseen see-through situation.

6. Layer It With A Third Piece

6 monsoon - kareena kapoor blue jeans white top

We are all about the three-piece rule and not just in winter. Layer your white outfit with a boho shrug or a printed kimono and add some spice to your whites. Yet another fashionable cover-up to protect your whites this monsoon.

7. White Accents In Accessories

Don't want to risk your precious whites? Don't! That's okay too. You can just add some white accessories to your outfit. For example, a white tote bag, a white choker and a bold statement piece. Make sure to have two or more pieces of white in your outfit to bring out the colour palette.

8. Printed Whites For The Win!

8 monsoon - priyanka chopra white printed slit top

Instead of wearing that plain white t-shirt, wear a floral printed top or a slogan tee. You can also wear a white printed kurta with leggings if you like wearing Indian wear. Just don't accessorize with silver jewellery as moisture can ruin it real bad.